It's 2020, And I Am Finally And Truly Putting Myself First

It’s 2020, And I Am Finally And Truly Putting Myself First

It's always the right time to pick yourself up and change the way you look at yourself. I am putting myself first, and you should too. Because if you don't, who else will?

While chasing good jobs, great friends, picking the perfect outfits, I forgot to check on myself. To ask myself what am I grateful for, where do I find solitude. And then it hit me. Whatever is going on outside, my true, authentic self should always be above everything and everyone else. Because there's no one in the world like me. Or you.

Seize the day

It doesn't matter if you feel young or old, or if you're single or married with kids. The idea to seize the day, use at least several minutes to make yourself happy is not too much to ask for. Maybe it's even the bare minimum.

And I guarantee you that when you're happy, you're better for everyone around you. The more time you spend in the moment, not looking back or running to the future, the more peace and happiness you'll find inside.

The time for change is now. And the only change you should apply to your everyday life is to take better care of yourself. It's easy, cheap, yet priceless. Why did I wait for so long? And why are some still waiting?

Lessons, not failures

Sometimes you think you're about to fall apart. But, then you realize that you're bigger and more important than any problem. So, it's clear: there are no real failures, rather choose to see them as lessons. Bringing positivity into your life is not a difficult task.

The only thing you should do is try to gain some perspective. Yes, you will fail, but only if you try. If you don't, then you're stuck in one place. And even if you do fail, so what? You'll do better the next time. That whole thing about the glass being half full is my truth. And I am more than willing to share.

My house, my rules

Everyone has an opinion, but no one has the right to tell you how to feel or what to think. Do you allow others to move your furniture? No, and that's why it's no wonder I stopped caring about other people's opinions. I am a priority, and the others are learning to deal with it.

When you put yourself above the rest, you're not selfish. Willingly, you're choosing to allow yourself to grow, become a better adult. My thoughts, my ideas, and my lessons. It's a whole package deal: when you choose to put yourself in the number one place, you're bringing more positivity and learning to live in the now.

I choose gratitude

When was the last time you said: "thank you for all that I am, for letting me have all that I need while allowing me to seek more?" You can say it yourself, to the universe, to God, it doesn't matter. The whole point is that you notice that you have plenty enough. And that you're more than enough.

Putting your needs first while expressing gratefulness keeps me grounded and energized. And that's why I know that you can become you, only better, by simply putting yourself first. Your world should revolve around you.

Those who love me are very welcoming to this change. And you should expect a similar experience. People don't like changes, even if it's for the better. But, the more you push and challenge yourself, the more those same people will respect you. Because you are your best friend, your first choice!