Italian Man Walks 450km To Cool Off After Arguing With Wife

italian man walks 450km to cool off after arguing with wife

Anger has a different effect on people. While some of us get the instant urge to break every fragile thing in the kitchen and burn the house down along the way, others just need their peace to help them cool off.

Give them a break, and they'll come back to you explaining what went wrong.

Since we all know how hard it can get to tame anger in arguments with the significant other, the peaceful ones deserve a shoutout.

Run Forrest, Run!

italian man walks 450km to cool off after arguing with wife

An Italian man recently walked for 450 km to calm down. The reason for this walk was an argument with his wife.

He was frustrated and needed a break to soothe his nerves.
But all good things come to an end, don't they?
His calming technique was interrupted by the police, who were enforcing a strict lockdown in the country.

Walking As A Therapy?

italian man walks 450km to cool off after arguing with wife

Sources claim that the unnamed 48-year-old man had been walking for a week.

Wondering why?
Well, he needed to simmer down after arguing with his wife.

His walk started in Como in northern Italy, close to the Swiss border. The walk came to an end 450 km later.
Can you imagine that this man arrived on foot in the small town of Fano on the Adriatic coastline?

Just WOW.

Street Justice

italian man walks 450km to cool off after arguing with wife

According to the original story, he was picked up by police officers at two in the morning.

Italy issued a nationwide curfew from 10 PM to 5 AM to reduce its second wave of coronavirus cases. This man's calming walk was breaking the country's curfew norms.

After all preliminary checkups, they found out that he'd been missing for a week. And a week earlier, his wife had already filed a missing report back in Como.

This man was exhausted and cold and admitted that he hadn't realized how far he had walked during his long hike to clear his mind.

He said:

"I came here on foot. I didn't use any transport."

"I'm OK, just a bit tired."

"Along the way, I met people who offered me food and drink."

It turned out that he walked around 60km per day.

A Happy (And Calm) Ending

His wife immediately arrived to collect her beloved husband.
She confirmed his statement that he went out for a walk after their argument a week ago. And she hadn't seen him since then.

The police handed her husband's overnight hotel bill in Fano, and the wife was asked to pay the €400 (484.5 USD) fine he incurred for breaching the COVID-19 overnight curfew.

And this is how Italy's Forrest Gump was returned safely at home to his loving wife.

Who knows where this man could have ended up if the police hadn't shown up to put an end to the walk.