It Was All A Dream: Man Wakes Up To Discover His 10 Years Of Happiness Never Even Happened

It Was All A Dream: Man Wakes Up To Discover His 10 Years Of Happiness Never Even Happened

After one man discovered that what he thought was 10 happy years of his life all happened in his head in just a few minutes of reality. We are forced to admit that the brain is a lot more complex than many of us ever knew.

One Reddit User Admits That It Took 3 Years To Get Back After The Experience

He was walking, minding his own business. But he got in the way of a burly football player who then assaulted him. He fell unconscious on the ground.

Then he met a young lady.

He pursued her for months before winning her love against other suitors and they married after two years. They had a daughter, and two years later, a son.

The Lamp

One day during his happy life, he was sitting on the couch in their house. He looked at the lamp, and its perspective seemed wrong.

The lamp was inverted. This made him freeze, and he could not look away and spent the entire night looking at it and wouldn't even go to work.

The lamp became such a huge obsession that he could not eat. The staring went on for 3 days and his wife also started to get concerned.

Things were getting out of hand, and she got someone to come talk to him. She took the kids to her mother's house.

After this craziness had gone on for long enough, he realized that nothing of what he was seeing was real.

The Damn Lamp Was Fake, So Was The Wife, The House, The Kids… Everything

It was all in his head.

The 10 years he had lived were not real but just a vivid and elaborate dream he had while unconscious on the ground.

After knowing he was fantasizing, the lamp began to glow more deeply, and eventually, all he could see was red. He could hear voices, screams, and other noises.

Then He Felt Lots Of Pain, And Opened His Mouth

Then he remembers saying: "I'm missing teeth."

He was lying on the sidewalk on his back, and people were all around him. They were strangers to him, and many were panicking. He was completely confused.

Then a cop came and dragged him before dropping him in the back of a police car. He took him to the hospital where he underwent further examinations.

After The Experience, He Suffered 3 Years Of Depression

And during that time, he was grieving the loss of his family, especially the wife. He was also struggling to accept that they were not real.

He had a sneaking suspicion that he was losing his mind. He could sometimes see his son. He was always five.

What made him feel better was the realization that maybe he was not the only person to suffer such an experience.

He has heard other people describe similar experiences. However, others adamantly denied the possibility of undergoing anything of the sort. To them, it is all BS.

Someone Theorized That He Had Suffered A Near-Death Experience

Apparently, at this point in a person's life, a new reality takes over and a lot of things happen within a small window of consciousness. That would explain why he lived 10 years of life within a few minutes of real life.

The real challenge is in finding out which reality is real and which reality is just a creation of the mind. That can be really stressful and anxiety-inducing, making you feel like you have lost your marbles.