It Takes Guys About Four Months In A Relationship To Share Food With Their Partner, Study Finds

To be candid, I'm not fond of sharing my food. If my partner and I have agreed to order something together to share, that's okay. However, if we have ordered separate dishes, I prefer to keep mine to myself. Although I'm willing to share, it doesn't make me happy. A recent study suggests that most people share this sentiment, and it takes men approximately four months of dating before they feel comfortable offering a bite of their food to their partner.

1. It's All About "the Comfort Zone"

The recent survey conducted by FromMars involved over 2,000 individuals in different types of relationships throughout the UK. The researchers aimed to investigate certain behaviors that partners may be comfortable with and how long it takes for individuals to reach that level of comfort. The findings from the study provided insightful information.

2. Women Actually Take Longer Than Men To Share Food

The study revealed that men take an average of four months to feel at ease sharing food with their partners, while women take five months. This result is somewhat unexpected, but as someone who is also reluctant to share food, I can understand it.

3. Men Are Happier To Let It All Out Earlier

Based on the survey results, men require approximately five months to feel comfortable using the bathroom for a bowel movement at their partner's residence and to feel at ease being completely nude in well-lit conditions. Conversely, women tend to delay bowel movements for about seven months and postpone full nudity under bright lights for roughly eight months.

4. Women Keep Up Appearances For Longer

On average, women spend a year grooming their pubic hair, while men groom for only nine months. Additionally, women tend to dress to impress for an extended period of 13 months, whereas men may show up in dirty sweatpants and stained t-shirts after just 10 months. This outcome is not surprising!

5. Couples Put On Weight At About The Same Time

Previous research has shown that being in a satisfying relationship can lead to weight gain, with both men and women typically gaining weight around the 15-month mark of the relationship.

6. Men Are More Comfortable Talking About Periods

Men tend to feel comfortable discussing their bodily functions with their partner at approximately six months into the relationship. Women, on the other hand, usually take an additional four weeks or so before feeling comfortable discussing their menstrual cycle. However, both men and women typically become at ease with farting in front of their partners around the eight-month mark of the relationship.