It Sucks, But It Is True — You Are Going To Lose A Lot Of Friends As You Get Older

Breaking off long-term friendships is a difficult task, regardless of age. However, as you grow older, such separations become more challenging and severe. As life progresses, you naturally evolve and transform as an individual, causing you to outgrow certain people. While ending long-term friendships may be an inevitable aspect of life, the aftermath can be harsh and unforgiving.

1. Some of your mutual friends are going to pick a side, and it's awkward AF

The impact is amplified when the friendship has endured for an extended period. The presence of numerous mutual friends can lead to a division of loyalties, resulting in one person feeling ostracized. Despite being grown-ups, certain things and individuals never truly leave behind their childish ways.

2. Your instincts and urges to tell them everything takes a long time to fade away

When an incredible or transformative event occurs in your life, your initial impulse has always been to inform your friend right away. Even after parting ways, the urge to reach out may persist, but you stop yourself, realizing it is not possible. It may be painful initially, but eventually, it becomes more natural to not think about them.

3. The more you grow, the more you realize how few friends you have left

It's not just long-term friendships that fade away; friendships, in general, can disappear. One of the most challenging aspects of maturing into adulthood is gradually letting go of the social life you used to have. However, keep in mind that it's better to have a few close friends than a multitude of average ones.

4. In some cases, the drama only intensifies after the separation

Let's be honest, when friendships come to an end, things can get petty and dramatic, and even if both parties agree to part ways, there may be lingering resentment. However, the good news is that the drama won't last forever, and eventually, you'll become nothing more than a memory in each other's lives.

5. You dread the possibility of running into them again

Encountering someone with whom you've had a conflict is never enjoyable, but when it's a person you've shared a significant portion of your life with in friendship, it can be just as uncomfortable and unpleasant as running into an ex-boyfriend. Certain locations become potential hotspots for unexpected and potentially explosive reunions, causing you to be cautious and apprehensive about encountering them before you're prepared and fully healed.

6. From time to time, you get caught up in nostalgic memories and feel ALL the feelings

Regardless of how terrible the conclusion of the friendship was, the truth remains that your friend played a significant role in your life's journey. Even if you can't stand them now, memories of the good times you shared together may resurface, and you may become emotional at times. After all, you're only human.

7. It's hard to rewrite your future life plans without them in it

You had numerous plans to accomplish together and envisioned sharing many more significant milestones in life. However, the realization that you must rewrite your plans eventually sets in, and those aspirations become nothing more than distant daydreams.

8. Deep down, you know breaking up was for the best

Despite the occasional feeling of longing for their company, the truth is that your friendship fell apart. Both of you have undergone changes, and the harm has been done. Parting ways was the appropriate decision. Sometimes, it's essential to acknowledge that certain people are only meant to be in your life for a reason or a season, not a lifetime.

9. You become very cautious with who you become close with

Following a significant rift with a friend, trusting new friends may be challenging, and to make matters worse, forming new friendships as an adult isn't always simple. Everyone has already established their close circle, and the one you had has vanished from your life. While the prospect of opening new doors with new individuals is thrilling, it can also serve as a sorrowful reminder that the life you once shared with specific friends has come to an end.

10. You can't help but wish them well, even if they don't deserve it

After the dust settles, and the pain fades from your heart, you'll eventually feel relieved that you survived the loss of your long-term friend. While some friendships aren't meant to last, they serve as valuable lessons about yourself. The long-term friend you once cherished and lost may haunt you in some ways, but eventually, you'll recall them with fondness and hope they're doing well... even if they don't deserve it. As for you, you'll be okay. Losing friends as an adult may come with harsh realities, but it's always preferable to have loved and lost than to have never experienced their chapter and friendship at all.