It Is Time To Delete Your EX's Number — You Have A Life To Live


Sometimes, breaking up with someone can be a painful experience, especially when it comes to making the final cut. However, it's essential to rip off the bandaid and say goodbye. Remember that there's a whole world out there waiting for you to explore, and your ex-partner shouldn't be a part of it. It's time to move on and embrace all the amazing opportunities life has to offer.

1. Stop Asking What Could Have Been

The truth is, it's natural to wonder what could've been after a breakup. But the reality is, it's not going to happen, and that's okay. Dwelling on the past distracts you from the present and the adventures that await you. Instead of focusing on what didn't work out, it's important to focus on what will work out and embrace the opportunities that come your way.

2. There's Nothing Left To Figure Out

Your relationship is now in the past, and it's time to move on. Keeping your ex's number and hoping for a reconciliation is not the solution. It's time to get closure and let go of the past. Accept that the relationship wasn't meant to be, and move forward for your own sanity. Remember that sometimes, letting go is the best decision you can make.

3. He's Probably Already Moved On

It's a common belief that guys tend to move on faster than girls after a breakup. But why waste your time and energy thinking about someone who's not doing the same? Holding onto the past will only make it harder to move on. If you genuinely care about your ex, allow them to move on and live their life because they have likely already made that choice. Give yourself the permission to let go and move on as well.

4. He's Not Worth Pining Over

Your time on this earth is limited, so why spend it holding onto things that no longer serve you? Instead of dwelling on the past, consider how you could use that energy to grow and achieve great things. Don't allow something as insignificant as an ex-partner to hold you back from reaching your potential and shining brightly.

5. You're Passing Cool Guys By All The Time

I understand that hearing the cliché "there are plenty of fish in the sea" can be frustrating, but it's the truth. You may be passing by incredible men every day who would be a great match for you, but you're too focused on the one who got away. It's normal to feel hurt after losing love, but don't worry, there will be opportunities to love again.

6. Don't Torture Yourself With Old Memories

It's crucial to leave the past behind and not dwell on your memories together. Continuously thinking about your time together will only intensify the pain in your heart. Although you had good times, you broke things off for a reason. You'll have even better experiences with someone who is truly meant for you. Therefore, it's best to focus on creating new memories rather than dwelling on the past.

7. You Have To Do What's Best For You

Sometimes, you must put your emotions aside and do what is best for yourself. It's difficult, but cutting off ties with your ex-partner is a crucial step in prioritizing your well-being. You deserve better than what you had, and by taking this step, you're showing self-love. Don't let your mind trick you into believing that you can't move forward and do what's necessary to make progress.

8. Don't Leave That Door Open For When You're Lonely

Feeling lonely is natural, even when you're enjoying being single and starting anew. However, resist the temptation to contact your ex when you're vulnerable. It's unfair to both of you to have him as an option when you're unable to cope. Instead, open a bottle of wine, not your message inbox, and avoid reopening old wounds.

9. Everything Really Does Happen For A Reason

It can be challenging to envision how everything will come together, but you must trust that every event has a purpose. If you were destined to be with your former partner, you'd still be together. Embrace the present and take comfort in the idea that your journey is only beginning. Your life, as it stands now, is meant to be.

10. There's A Lot Of Life Beyond The Past

There's an immense sense of liberation in relinquishing the past and living in the present moment. Although you may experience nostalgia occasionally and can never recreate those old memories, your future is brimming with limitless possibilities. It's time to declare to yourself that you're ready to embark on your next exciting journey, leaving behind anything that wasn't meant to be a part of it.