It Is All About Men's Pleasure And 9 Other Reasons I Hate Hookup Culture


Although many of my friends enjoy casual sex, I no longer find it appealing. Participating in one-night stands and engaging in hookups has led me to the realization that I dislike hookup culture and it's not for me.

1. Hookups Made Me Freak Out About My Health

I used to worry about the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases since I was unfamiliar with the sexual history of my partners. While condoms can provide protection against certain sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, they are not effective against herpes, syphilis, or pubic lice. Additionally, discussing birth control and condom use before engaging in sexual activity is uncomfortable and can ruin the moment. Consequently, I prefer not to put myself in that position.


2. Casual Sex Is Actually Pretty Boring

Although sex and orgasms can be a great stress-reliever, the experience of sleeping with a stranger or someone with whom I have no emotional connection became mundane after a while. There was no excitement in the kisses, touches, or dirty talk, and I found hookups to be unfulfilling. Therefore, I have realized that hookups are not satisfying for me, and there is no point in pursuing them.


3. I Feel Like Hookup Culture Focuses On Men's Pleasure

Every time I engaged in casual sex, I found that the men I slept with were primarily concerned with their own pleasure and satisfaction, rather than considering my enjoyment. They were the ones in control, choosing what happened next and dictating the positions we tried. One man even had the audacity to request a blow job, but refused to reciprocate by going down on me. How ridiculous!


4. Being Slut-Shamed Was Overwhelming

I despised it when my friends pretended to be expressing concern, but in reality, they were engaging in slut-shaming and judging me for my choice to sleep with someone. In my hometown, people are talked about and criticized for their sexual behavior, even though it should not matter who you choose to sleep with or how many partners you have. Unfortunately, it does matter to people, and I am not sure if I am able to handle it.


5. Casual Sex Can Lead To Not-So-Casual Feelings

After sex, the human body releases oxytocin which fosters emotional attachment to one's partner. This hormone is also produced during intimate gestures such as cuddling, kissing, and touching. Given this biological response, it's no surprise that I developed feelings for a man with whom I had a sexual encounter. Regrettably, he was only interested in a physical relationship and not a genuine emotional connection. This left me devastated, and I am unwilling to repeat the experience. This is one of the primary reasons why I loathe hookup culture.


6. The Mornings After My Hookups Were Too Weird

Due to my lack of familiarity with the men I slept with, I found it challenging to make small talk while getting dressed after sex. This was especially awkward if I ended up spending the night, as some of the men were rude and dismissive in the morning. Furthermore, the walk of shame was unbearable, especially if I forgot to bring sunglasses with me. These experiences were too unpleasant for me to continue with casual hookups.


7. Hooking Up Meant I Only Attracted Toxic Guys

Have you ever encountered those types of men who view women solely as objects of desire and refuse to take them seriously? Sadly, I have met countless of them during my time in the hookup culture, and it's utterly revolting. Despite my intelligence and wit, all they cared about was using me for their own pleasure. It's frustrating and disappointing.


8. Sleeping Around Made Me Feel Worthless

While some people may find casual sex empowering, I am not one of them. Instead of feeling confident, it made me question my own self-worth. Engaging in hookups with strangers made me feel objectified and reduced to nothing more than a body. It's not a feeling I ever want to experience again.

9. I Prefer A Deep, Secure, And Nurturing Relationship

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I yearn for a relationship that's built on communication and intellectual stimulation. Sleeping around can't fulfill my desires for a genuine and fulfilling relationship. After enduring negative experiences with casual sex, I realized that I deserve better. I deserve a partner who values me for more than just my physical body and is willing to show me affection, intimacy, and amazing orgasms.