'It Happens When You're At Work': Mother Walks In On Family Member Raping Her 8-year-old Daughter [Police]

‘it Happens When You’re At Work’: Mother Walks In On Family Member Raping Her 8-year-old Daughter [police]

A mother walked in on an Indiana man, Donovan L. Wilson, raping her 8-year-old daughter, the authorities were informed. An arrest soon followed after the upsetting Sunday night incident after the woman called the police to tell them of the incident.

The girl was only 8 years old, and the man was 28 years old. He is currently facing felony child molestation charges and is being held at Lake County Jail awaiting his arraignment in court.

At the time the unfortunate event took place, the girl's mother was in her residence. She was putting her children to bed.

Friend Turned Enemy?

Wilson was her friend, or so she thought, was downstairs with her daughter.

Her daughter had gone with Wilson downstairs as she was putting the rest of the children to bed. It was while going to check on her child that she was met with the horrifying scene.

The man was assaulting the innocent child.

As soon as she saw the man raping her daughter, she screamed his name. When she confronted him further, he pretended that he was drunk and even feigned passing out.

He even fell on the floor, apparently after passing out.

At the time, the man's victim, a young girl, was "shaking in fear." This is what was recorded in the court documents based on the testimony the woman gave.

She even wrapped her in a blanket and tried to comfort her after the traumatic attack.

From there, she took her daughter to a relative's home for the night. Then the distraught mother informed the police of Wilson and they made an arrest.

The girl revealed that it was not the first time the man had assaulted her. Apparently, the girl was raped on several occasions when her mother was not at home.

According to what the mother said to the police of the conversation she had with her daughter after making the awful discovery, the attacks were a regular thing.

"It happens when you're at work", the girl confessed.

If the charges against Wilson get him convicted, he might spend up to 20 to 40 years in prison. It is still not clear the kind of relationship the mother has with Mr. Wilson.