Is Your Man Entering Menopause Or Andropause: Here Are Tell All Signs

Is Your Man Entering Menopause Or Andropause: Here Are Tell All Signs

Male menopause or andropause is very real, and like with women, it represents a chain reaction caused by hormonal disbalance.

Though we often say that men's mid-life crisis is nothing more than fast, flashy cars and younger girls, there are reasons why they start acting like teenagers.

If you're looking for proof that the mid-life crisis is one of man's worst nightmares, take a look at Johnny Depp's life now and 20 years ago.

But, away from Hollywood, many males suffer because they don't want to accept that they are going through menopause or andropause.

Andropause is still a controversial topic. It's not as complicated as good old-fashioned menopause among the ladies because, with men, it's all about the decline of testosterone.

Men's testosterone levels peak in adolescence and their 20s. The slow decline starts when they're in their 30s and 40, and by the time they are 70, they lost over 50 percent of the "male hormone."

Now, let's see whether your man's entering the early stages of his menopause and what it means for his future. And yours, as a couple.

The All-Mighty Testosterone

is your man entering menopause or andropause: here are tell all signs

That one hormone, the all-powerful and mighty testosterone, turns boys into men, both physically and mentally.

When a guy starts losing enough of his man-hormone, there's more to it than just lack of sex drive. It causes various symptoms, and the most common are:


Low energy


Man boobs


Reduced bone density

Hot flashes

Hair loss

Losing sex drive only increases an already fragile state of mind, and getting breasts, or experiencing depression symptoms doesn't help.

The good news is that not all men experience the condition; however, if you or your male friend are having issues, visit your GP.

Your doctor will let you know if you need any medication for your mood, but the best way to deal with andropause is to adopt a new, healthy lifestyle and accept your mortality.

Female Vs. Male Menopause

is your man entering menopause or andropause: here are tell all signs

As stated, not all men have to deal with hot flashes and erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, all females know that by the time they hit 50, practically overnight, you go from a vital, woman in her prime to someone who can't hold her pee.

Both sexes can experience depression, sleep problems, and lose sex drive.

It's part of growing old for women, but most men never fully got a chance to understand that their bodies and minds are acting differently because they are humans. Nothing more, nothing less.

The thing about male menopause is that men refuse to accept it as a reality, while women think that they own the right to it. It's like men are stealing women's thunder or something.

The simple truth is that nature, though beautiful, can be cruel. And both female and male menopause is nothing more than a way of letting us know that it's time to enter a new era, a new part of our lives.

We can continue to call it a mid-life crisis and have men use every drug to keep their hair and their penises erect. But, those same drugs often cause premature deaths.

It seems like it's better to accept that some men go through hormonal changes, which aren't as complex as menopause in females.

Dealing With Andropause

is your man entering menopause or andropause: here are tell all signs

Since we know that a red Ferrari won't solve your problems, invest in something called a healthy lifestyle.

Though it goes for both sexes, males must understand that they cannot expect to look and act a certain way all their adult lives. Unless they are Mick Jagger.

You might want to trade your wife for a newer model, but you'll get nothing but a headache.

Men who are 50 cannot keep up with 20 something-year-old gals. It's a fantasy, and though you can, you shouldn't have kids after a certain age.

Advanced paternal age is associated with an increased risk of miscarriage. You don't have a period to worry about. Yet, a UK study from 2018 proved that children with fathers older than 45 are under various congenital disabilities risks.

Now that you know what will not solve your problems let's see what will.

Apart from finding ways to deal with stress, living healthy means accepting you're entering a new stage of life. You have to find ways to quiet your mind while maintaining good physical condition.

Eating and drinking habits have to change, as well. No one says that you have to go vegan, but you will need more veggies and fish to stay fit. Nuts, fruits, and switching to an occasional glass of red wine are some things you need to learn to enjoy.

Meditation is fantastic for achieving calmness. However, if you worry about it being too girly, practice it when no one can see you.

You're Still A Man

is your man entering menopause or andropause: here are tell all signs

Andropause or male menopause sounds girly, and that's why men are fighting it. Which is ridiculous, since you're competing with nature.

Remember, you are more than your testosterone levels. Enjoying life is a choice, even if you can't spend hours in the bedroom. Learn to cuddle, or to enjoy your partner, even when you can't perform, sort of speak.

There's nothing bad about going bald, look at Bruce Willis. And of course, your body won't look the same as it did when you were 30, but that's all part of life.

Now is your time to do the things that make you happier, to enjoy as you're approaching senior status.

You can still go out, have fun with your friends, take road trips. But, remember to create a routine that benefits your body and mind.

If you feel down or can't accept this whole aging process, go to a therapist and don't suffer in silence. We need to normalize aging and stop being so youth-obsessed.

There are many things to look forward to if you show some love to yourself and the people around you and express gratitude for all you have now.

You're not growing older, you're getting more mature, wiser, and don't have to prove anything.

Being a man comes with many perks. Remember when the time comes for a testosterone deficiency and late-onset hypogonadism.

And dear ladies, and younger males, do not mock people in menopause. If we're lucky, we will get to live through that hell, as well!