Is Your Boyfriend More Of A Friend? 11 Signs The Spark Is Gone


Do you truly love your boyfriend or is your relationship turning into a platonic one? It's possible that you might not have realized it, but there are 11 indications that he's more of a friend than a partner.

1. You Prefer To Chill Rather Than Go On Dates

Spending a relaxed weekend together is great, but have you gone on a romantic date recently? If you're reluctant to be seen in public with your significant other, or it feels like too much effort, these are warning signs.


2. There's No Romance

It's not only about going on dates; how you treat each other on a daily basis is important. If you're treating each other like friends or acquaintances instead of romantic partners, that's a problem. It's essential to continue flirting and complimenting each other to make each other feel special. Additionally, showing appreciation for each other is a vital part of romance. Rather than just checking in or saying "hi" like a friend, you should call each other because you miss each other's voices and want to hear them. This should be something that both of you want to do.


3. You Never Properly Kiss

Where's the passion? A quick peck on the cheek just won't cut it. Kissing passionately is crucial for bonding with your partner. Not only that, but it releases endorphins and gives you those same butterflies you felt at the start of your relationship. In fact, a great kiss can be even better than sex.

4. You Don't Care How You Look Around Him Anymore

Being able to let your guard down and be yourself with your partner is a beautiful thing. You shouldn't have to put on makeup or do your hair just to impress them. However, if you find yourself never making an effort to look your best, it might be a red flag.


5. You Don't Make A Texting Effort

Spending time together doesn't mean you can slack off in other areas. Don't get lazy when it comes to texting. Sending one-word answers or not responding for hours just because you'll see each other soon is not a good sign. Keep the effort up, even when you're not physically together.

6. You Fart In Front Of Each Other All The Time

Passing gas occasionally can be acceptable, and it may even indicate that you have reached a significant relationship milestone. Being comfortable with one another and finding humor in the little things can strengthen your bond. However, if you are consistently releasing gas or burping in each other's presence, it can give the impression that you view each other more as siblings than as romantic partners.


7. You Never Have Sex

If it has been weeks or months since you have been intimate, it's worth asking yourself why. While it's possible to go long periods without being physically intimate, you're missing out on an essential way to connect with your partner emotionally and physically. If you previously had a satisfying and regular sex life, but now find yourself in a dry spell, it's especially important to address this issue.


8. You Do Your Own Thing At Home

Living together doesn't necessarily mean that you're living together as a couple. If you find yourselves eating meals in separate rooms or spending most of your time at home without being in each other's company, you're simply roommates. It's important to feel as though you're sharing your lives with one another, rather than merely coexisting in the same apartment while pursuing individual interests.


9. He Doesn't Call You "Baby" Anymore

If your partner changes your sweet and romantic nickname to a more teasing one that he would use with his male friends, it could be a red flag. This change in behavior may signify that your relationship has transformed from a long-term romantic one to a platonic friendship. However, it is even more concerning if the new nickname is insulting, and he calls it a "joke." This behavior is known as "negging" and could be a clear sign that he's no longer invested in the relationship.


10. You're Always Hanging Out With Other People

Have you had a one-on-one outing with your partner recently? If you have been spending most of your time with other friends or going on group dates, it could indicate that both of you are feeling bored with the relationship. It's possible that you're relying on your social circle to revive the spark in your relationship.


11. You Don't Have Much To Talk About

Although you discuss your day-to-day activities, weekend plans, and even annual vacations, you don't delve into deeper conversations anymore. The days of talking for hours on the phone are long gone, and this shift in communication could be a warning sign that your relationship is evolving. Maybe this change is not for the better, or maybe you're ready to move on because you're no longer in love with your partner.