Is Your Best Friend Dumping You? 12 Sad Signs You Are Getting Ditched

Is your best friend really your forever BFF? Unfortunately, that's not always the case. Even if you've been close for a decade, your friend might feel it's time to move on without telling you. You may start noticing subtle or not-so-subtle signs that your friend is ending the friendship. It's painful, but recognizing the situation early can help you talk to your friend and come to terms with it. Clinging to a friendship that's already over will only hurt you in the long run. If your friend has decided to move on, there's not much you can do to fix things. The best thing you can do is prepare yourself to move on as well.


Below are some indications that your best friend may be permanently cutting ties with you.

1. She's suddenly busier than ever

In the past, your best friend was always eager to spend time with you, constantly calling or texting. However, now she seems preoccupied and always too occupied to meet up. She may explain that she has new work responsibilities or a new romantic interest, but you never get to meet this person. Her constant excuses for not being available can become tiresome.


2. You catch her lying

When your friend makes excuses, you can often tell they're not being truthful. For instance, she may say she's feeling unwell, but you can hear laughter in the background. If you ask her about it, she suddenly claims there's a bad connection. It's clear that she's lying to avoid telling you the truth that the friendship is ending, perhaps because she lacks the courage to do so.


3. Instagram proves she's moving on

The woman who claimed to have a packed schedule doesn't appear to have any problem taking multiple selfies with her other friends and uploading them on Instagram. However, you recall that she canceled plans with you on the same night. It's clear that she's not telling the truth once again, but this time you have tangible evidence to support your suspicion.


4. She makes excuses to cut your time short

It seems like your friend has a curfew, even though she's an adult. Rather than spending extended periods of time with you, she always seems to leave early. You may wonder why a grown woman would need to go to bed as early as 9 PM on a Saturday night, unless she's got an early morning fling scheduled. It's evident that she's trying to distance herself from you.


5. She's far less supportive than she used to be

You might be seeking comfort after a recent breakup, but your friend's response is lackluster, with only a few half-hearted "yeah's," "it's okay's," and "uh-huh's." She might even have admitted to zoning out during your conversation. The reason for this sudden shift is that your friend has stopped caring about your feelings.


6. She tries to get you to dump her

Occasionally, your closest friend may intentionally make things difficult for you, behaving in a hostile manner, flirting with your significant other, or disappearing for extended periods. Her motive is to make you end the friendship instead of her having to be the one to do it.


7. Her interests start to change

As women grow and evolve, their interests may naturally shift. However, if your best friend's interests suddenly and significantly change, and you observe other warning signs, it could indicate that she's becoming more interested in spending time with other friends instead of you.

8. She's always talking about her new group of friends

If the majority of your conversations revolve around her new circle of friends, and she always seems thrilled to hang out with them but is constantly too busy to spend time with you, it's likely that your best friend is indirectly expressing her preference for her new companions over you.


9. She starts texting like a guy

When you message your friend, she doesn't respond to your texts or takes an extended period to do so, and then offers the typical excuse that she didn't receive it on time or her phone was malfunctioning. Additionally, she might compare you to an ex-boyfriend who didn't understand proper texting etiquette. These actions are indicative of her attempting to create distance between you and potentially avoiding the friendship altogether.


10. You're always the one asking her to hang out

Are you the only one putting in effort to make plans with your friend? Does she ever initiate hangouts or suggest activities to do together? If she truly values your friendship, she would make an effort to spend time with you and show enthusiasm. Try stepping back from making all the plans and see if she takes the initiative to reach out. If she doesn't make an effort to connect after a few weeks, it could be a significant indication that she's not interested in maintaining the friendship.


11. She cancels plans at the last minute

The more signs your friend gives you, the more she resembles a bad boyfriend. For example, you make plans, get ready, and even head out to meet her. However, right as you arrive, she cancels via text or call with a weak excuse. This pattern of behavior repeats frequently, leaving you feeling frustrated and disappointed.


12. She's calling someone else her bestie

As she talks about her new friends, she accidentally refers to someone else as her bestie. She doesn't even realize it, but you do. You feel the urge to go home and cry while she keeps talking excitedly about her new BFF.

13. Your other friends give you the sad news

Sometimes, another friend will empathize with you and notice how your best friend is treating you. They may point out all the signs and even provide evidence that your friendship is over. This friend may even become your new bestie.


Losing a best friend can be painful, considering the memories and moments shared together. Nevertheless, it's important to acknowledge the signs and accept that the friendship may be coming to an end. Instead of clinging to what's already over, embrace the opportunity to make new connections that could be even more rewarding.