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Is Tiny Sponge For Post Sex Cleanup The Best Idea Ever?

Is Tiny Sponge for Post Sex Cleanup the Best Idea Ever?

We can't decide if come&gone is the future or the sign of doom. Let's explain its purpose so we can judge it accurately.

It's essentially a sponge on a stick, and it's designed to make post-sex cleanup more accessible and more comfortable. You place it into your vagina, give it a twirl to pick up any fluids, then get it out and throw it away.

is tiny sponge for post sex cleanup the best idea ever?

The idea comes from Frances Tang, who got tired of cleaning up every time she had sex. Toilet paper and tissues only go so far, so Frances Tang decided to make a tampon-like product that picks up stuff that wipes and TP can't.

Of course, the product isn't cheap: 10 dollars for ten sponges. And no, they aren't reusable. They are also not biodegradable, which is another issue. Though Frances Tang is working on an eco-friendly option, it's still unclear when it will be out.

is tiny sponge for post sex cleanup the best idea ever?

Marketed as your post-sex BFF, the product is soft, sterile, compact, and promises no more sitting and dripping on the toilet seat, ruined sheets, and underwear.

While we have no idea what to think about the product, it's great that a woman finally spoke up about this dripping issue. It's not something people like to talk about. Sex isn't pure, sweet, and squeaky clean. It's messy, very messy, even dirty. But not in a biblical sense.

Of course, we went through reviews, and they are fantastic! Women love it because it does the job. In other words, no false advertising, which is a perfect way to start a business.