Is This What Dating Women Is Like? — Woman Has Adorable Reaction To Her First Lesbian Date

Is This What Dating Women Is Like? —Woman Has Adorable Reaction To Her First Lesbian Date

Jillian Leigh went on her first same-sex date, and she has been left feeling pleasantly surprised, to say the least. She made a video of how her first date with a woman went, and it has made us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The clip posted to TikTok has almost four million views, and if you lost your faith in soulmates and romance, this might change your mind.

The ladies went on a picnic

Jillian — whose TikTok handle is @jaxe22, and her date met in a park.

They decided to have a picnic, and there was no awkward silence. Nope, instead, the ladies were gushing how beautiful the other one is.

TikToker said:

We met in a park and set up a picnic. And we both made a bunch of food for each other. The first five minutes of the date was us being like 'You're so beautiful!', 'No, you're so beautiful!'

Does any other lady wish she was born as a lesbian? Because with guys, it's all about their nerves, and their creepy looks, since they don't understand women. To be fair, we don't get them either!


Wlw plZ tell me IS THIS WHAT DATING WOMEN IS LIKE?! Wtf have I been doing for the past 22 years y’all 🤦‍♀️🤯 #lgbtq #lesbian #queer #wlw #gay #fyp

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Now, let's go back to a date from heaven.

OMG, Jilian got her period

While they were there, Jillian got her period on the white sheet her date had laid out. But her date comforted her by saying:

Oh my God, that is so pure and holy!

The girls instantly clicked and ended up talking for one hour before even having a bite.

And then we were just talking so much that it took us an hour before we actually started eating! We ended up talking for six hours until everyone else was gone.

Jillian later went to her date's house, where they had a splendid time, as well.

We went to her house. She made a fire to keep us warm, brought out mugs of tea and snacks for us.

The young woman further explained:

We had been talking and laughing so much that we didn't realize that it had been nine hours."

She then asked the world,

Is This what dating women is like?

And that's when the internet went wild!

Jilian is still shook

Twitter was full of fantastic responses; that is if you're a woman. Can a guy actually pull off such a perfect date?

Tweets flooded in, and many were merely happy for her, while some women wished they were into women as well.

"This is so sweet and filled with so much joy! I hope she goes on a million dates as wonderful as this one," and "I wanna be this happy, too," are just some of the tweets.

Jillian did not expect her TikTok video to go viral but it did, and she is still "shook."

u KNOW that feeling when u wake up, roll over to check ur phone, and a random TikTok u made in a CVS parking lot suddenly has 1.7 MILL views & thousands of women are saying they're dumping their bfs bc of it and lots of queer teens r asking u to adopt them? CUZ NOW I DO & IM SHOOK

You're probably thinking: "now I want this too! So, what if I am straight? Don't I deserve some cute dates?"

And imagine being on a date and getting your freaking period, and not having to pretend that you're just fine?

While we're thinking about pulling off the perfect date though we're not all born lesbians, we are also wondering how the second date went.

Will we get a TikTok wedding? These two gals sound too perfect, tailor-made for each other, so bring on some joy. We need it.