Is This The Beginning Of A Relationship?

Is This The Beginning Of A Relationship?

The start of any natural relationship is something that is always VERY exciting...the problem is knowing when you are actually in a natural relationship and "Exclusive" without having that conversation...

There are so many people who fall into a relationship without really knowing that is what is happening and it can take you by surprise. If you have found someone that started on a platonic level then you start hanging out more often than you would with just a friend...they have become your go-to person and in other words, if you have a party to go to and your bestie can't make it then you have to find someone else at short notice to replace them right? This new person would be the one you are asking.

So you start hanging out, having lunch, going to dinner and movies, the usual friendship stuff. So it's just a friendship right....then one day you start wondering if you are getting into a relationship and you really miss them when you can't be with miss them and think about them all the time...then it hits you like a giant yellow school bus....this "friend" puts a huge smile on your face all the time...hmm what is this? Is this a relationship?

Yes, it are getting into a relationship at a subconscious level and may not even realise what you are doing. It's when you start trading your time with your friends to spend time with this person...that's when you are officially in the romantic's no longer a's much more!

How do you feel when you see their name pop up on your phone? When you answer their texts, do you get butterflies at the thought of them, and are you nervous and excited at the same time? This is the moment when you realise it's no longer a friendship and very much a romantic feeling. If you realise that you are both in the same situation, you both want to talk all the time or have any type of contact at least once to multiple times a day...that's when you know you are in a relationship...and you've probably been in one for a while.