Is She Flirting Or Just Being Nice? 5 Ways To Find Out If She's Into You

Is She Flirting Or Just Being Nice? 5 Ways To Find Out If She’s Into You

We've all had that moment where we are sure someone is into us, only to be told that they were just being nice. Avoid that highly awkward conversation with these telltale signs that she's actually into you.

Women are mysterious and magical creatures – I know this because I am one myself! I also know from experience and really awkward (yet thought-provoking) conversations with friends and flings alike, that I can be very hard to read. It seems like this is a common trend amongst the modern-day woman. Does she like you? Or is she just being nice?

If she's showing more than 3 of the below signs, then chances are she's into you. Sadly, even then, she could just be acting nice and have a flirty personality… you just never know… but with these tips, you'll get to close to certain as possible in regards to the female gender.

1. She says your name a lot

This is a big one folks! When a chick repeats your name over and over again, it probably means she likes you. Well, she likes you enough to remember your name – and that's a good sign. If she says your name whilst smiling and looking at you flirtatiously, then you get bonus points – you go, Glen Coco!

2. She asks you lots of questions

Asking questions shows interest, she wants to know more about you. Now, these can't just be any question – if a girl is into you, she is most likely going to be asking personal questions and want to know more about YOU. If she's just asking how your weekend was or what the weather is going to be like this week, then she's just looking to make small talk and avoid an awkward silence. If she's asking what your grandma was like, or what your greatest ambition is, then it's looking a little more than surface level. Hurrah!

3. She maintains eye contact

If she's looking into your eyes more than usual, this is a sign she's into you. Before you jump the gun on this one, check to see if she does this with everyone. Some people just stare a little more than others. But, if you seem to be the only one she looks at for that long then she is into you. Unless you have some leftover food on your face, then she's probably just wishing she could bring it up in a way that isn't super awkward…

4. She makes an effort to be near you

If you find she is accidentally making it so that you are touching, or near each other, most likely she is into you. Look out for more subtle touches, like your legs brushing gently or your arms resting near each other. If she's being super obvious about touching you, she might not see a romantic connection between you. However, if she seems kind of shy or nervous about getting closer, then it's a done deal.

5. Her friends leave you alone together

This is a BIG one – girls travel in packs and tell each other all their secrets. So if she likes you, most likely her friends know, and they will make any excuse to leave you two together. Similarly, if you feel like her friends are always around and won't leave you two alone, that most likely means she's told them not to – so she's not into you. Usually, the behaviour of her friends will tell you much more than her behaviour, so pay attention to this!

So there you have it – you are now privy to 5 womanly secrets that can help you decipher if she's into you or not. If she doesn't display any of the 5 tips, I wouldn't say there is no chance that she's into you, but the likelihood is greatly decreased. I mean, if she doesn't know your name, doesn't look at you or touch you and her friends are always around – c'mon, dude, she might just not be into you. However, if she does exhibit some of the above, you're in with a shot! Just make sure you don't have anything on your face before you talk to her next time…