Is She “difficult” Or Is She Just A Rebel Soul?

Women with a rebel soul are often called the “difficult ones.” You know the ones I’m talking about. Those who never skip a beat to stick up for themselves and be a voice for others. She’s often called feisty or just a bitch. But the truth is, she is a strong-hearted soul who cares too much about the world. Most are quite astonished when a woman gets to this point of speaking her mind and is quick to pass judgment on her. Others feel grateful that there seems to be only one person who cares enough to speak their mind.

The double standard arises when a man acts this way, however. When a man makes a strong point and becomes passionately concerned for an issue that he is exercising his divine masculinity, while a woman sharing the same passion is perceived to be “out of line.”

A woman with a rebel soul is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers in their life or line of work. She is not scared to tell someone off in public or stand up for injustices she sees. People often look at your passion for having temporarily lost your mind, but you are perfectly comfortable and okay with that assumption. You could care less.

A woman with a rebel soul often intimidates a man. He is not entirely sure about her self-assured confidence. Any man that can not deal with a robust-hearted woman speaking her mind is just not the man for her.

Fake individuals don’t get much past a woman with a rebel soul. She SEES you for who you are, and she’s not afraid to call you out on wrongs. If she’s being mistreated or disrespected, you will damn sure hear about it.

A woman with a rebel soul pushes limits and is not afraid to clarify facts, questions, or the intentions of a person. She will ask you directly, blunt, and straight to the point what your plans are. There is no beating around the bush, and eventually, you will find charm in her boldness or be scared away. Either with or without you, her voice WILL be heard.

A woman with a rebel soul is endlessly confident. When she speaks, people are magically drawn to her charm and confidence. It is often misunderstood that her demeanor is obnoxious or self-loathing, but she is unapologetically herself, whether people like it or not.

While it was often thought that a woman should concede to a man and not make a scene, a woman with a rebel soul will not sugar coat her honesty, and she damn sure will not be undermined by any man. She sees her equality as that to be celebrated.

A woman with a rebel soul often ends up in positions of power or authority roles because she is by nature THE BOSS. People are drawn to her charisma, strength, and passion. You are not afraid to start a business or ask for a pay raise after effortlessly outlining your reasons you deserve one.

A woman with a rebel soul is often enthusiastic and graciously stubborn, although she sees it as passion. She has a heart of gold and still manages to take care of a family and her man. Some see her as a feminist, while she also realizes she needs to work hard for what she needs.

Do you identify with a rebel soul?