Is Kanye West Working With Nike Air Jordan?

Is Kanye West Working With Nike And Jordan?

Kanye West posted a photo of the iconic Jordan Jumpman logo on Instagram, sending fans into a frenzy.

In 2013, Kanye signed a 10 million dollar deal with Adidas after a fallout with Nike. However, he was Nike's first- non-sports collaborator after releasing his Air Yeezy 1 and Air Yeezy 2 Red October sneakers.

His Yeezy deal made him a billionaire in 2018 and led to contracts with Gap and Balenciaga.

Despite disagreements, Kanye has been posted wearing Nike, which might signify that it is time to end a decade-long argument.

He wore Nike socks on Balenciaga show, and Comme des Garçons Homme Plus x Nike Air Foamposites in 2021.

When asked whether he would be up for Air Yeezy, he replied he would be up to anything.

Knowing Ye, it is possible that he is just trying to create public hysteria and release a new Adidas sponsored line of sportswear. However, as the comments suggested, many fans would gladly see Nike x Kanye.

While we are busy thinking about Ye's next move, TMZ broke the story that his ultimate dad van, which costs 400k dollars, has multiple TV screens, fully reclining, and swiveling chairs and sound system out of this world.

This Mercedes version is called Executive Style, and it is possible to get it only in Miami and Los Angeles. Despite his disapproval of his ex-wife's new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, he is living his best life.

Kayne is enjoying his new relationship with Julia Fox, who recently pointed out that she does not give a darn about Ye's popularity or fame, saying:

"Honey, I've dated billionaires my entire adult life, let's keep it real."

"Watch my movie, read my book. That is more thrilling to me now than eyes on me. I couldn't care less."