Is It True That Cougars Are Better In Bed?

Is It True That Cougars Are Better In Bed?

We'd all like to know. All along, we have been wondering and are now bold enough to ask: are cougars really better in bed? Or is it just hype?

It's True That All Women Have Their Appeals

But are cougars better in bedroom matters?

That's worth considering. After all, they have plenty of experience, and they turn social norms on their head and get a reputation for flaunting their sexuality.

So, for you who have been wondering whether the rumors are true, here are some things you should know about cougars and their prowess between the sheets.

First Off, What Does Cougar Mean?

Some people think the word cougar is an insult. But in reality, it is an empowering word that demonstrates strength, boldness, elegance, experience, skill, and independence.

All these qualities are very desirable, and they make cougars high-quality partners. With their intimate knowledge of the men, relevant skills, and loads of confidence, these women are not afraid to explore their sensuality.

Obviously, that makes their performances stand out, and this easily makes them seem more exciting to the men they share these intimate experiences with.

They Are At Their Peak

Men reach their peaks early, but women take some time. Research says so, not me. According to studies, women reach their sexual peak in their thirties and forties.

As you know, cougars are in this age bracket, which means these women are more passionate and adventurous in the bedroom, unlike women in their 20s.

Jumping into bed with a woman who has full attention to what you are doing and has a desire to make the experience as enjoyable as possible is bound to make cougars get a lot of attention for their prowess.

They Have Confidence

Young women are often not sure how good they are in bed and that can make them anxious, which affects their performance negatively. But cougars are confident in their knowledge and they know how to free themselves and have fun.

As you know, a relaxed mind is very important in love matters. These women also know what to ask for, and the men who sleep with them do not have to use a lot of unnecessary guesswork trying to make them have a good time.

That is sure to improve the quality of the time these women spend with their lovers.

Cougars are also not as eager to get into lasting relationships as young women are. After spending years in marriage, many of them understand the joys of being single and free.

So, the anxiety to make the men they get intimate with commit to them does not get in the way.

And so, if you hear a friend claim that cougars might be better in bed than younger women, understand that they might know what they are talking about. I mean, what does it take to be good between the sheets? Among other things, you need experience, confidence, knowledge, passion, and raw intimate desire; and cougars have truckloads of these.