Is He Wasting Your Time? 8 Signs That He Doesn't Want To Commit

Is He Wasting Your Time? 8 Signs That He Doesn’t Want To Commit

Is your partner committed to you? Yes and no.

To be candid, you may not even know the answer to that question. Similarly, you may be asking yourself the same, "Does he want a long-term relationship?"

Getting a guy you like might be easy but getting him to commit is quite the pickle.

You may find yourself in a situationship. That is to say, you're not friends nor are you lovers. This is dating based on convenience with no strings attached. In other words, you're not exclusive.

To get rid of a lot of unwanted heartaches, here are some signs that show he is not ready to settle down:

1. Too Busy

Being busy is not wrong. Sometimes people are insanely busy at work or have personal issues they're dealing with. The problem comes in when he consistently seems unavailable that he doesn't make time to see you or spend time with you.

If he never has time and when he does, it's just for a booty call or when he needs something, it's clear as day that this guy is busy playing you. He just wants a good time, not a long term relationship.

Relationships are hard work and sacrifice therefore; a serious guy can always create time to see his girlfriend no matter what.

2. Doesn't make plans for the future

Guys who are not ready for commitment always make short-term plans. For instance, a date or a night out.

A type of guy who makes future plans such as booking tickets for a concert that might happen in a month or two shows that he's not interested in a fling. He wants something long-term.

If he imagines the future with you in it, this is a guy who is ready for the next level.

3. Doesn't pay attention to the little things

Guys who are the real deal compliment you and pay attention to the littlest of things. For example, your favorite color, when you wear your hair differently, and even the color of your eyes. Corny, I know. But these are some of the sweetest things in a relationship.

If a guy doesn't pay attention to you, there's no way you can feel special. Seriously, there's no need to try to date such a guy.

4. Openly Confesses he's not ready to commit

This is clearly a red flag. Research states that 8 out of 10 guys who don't want relationships or something long-term often say it bluntly coupled with an excuse or some reasons. For example, "I am not ready to settle down because I had a bad breakup" or "I don't want anything serious. I want to focus on my career".

No matter how valid the reason is, the bottom line is that he is not willing to commit, and thinking contrary to that is just a call for heartbreak.

This should be taken as a clear indication that he won't or might never commit. I'd say take the hint and bolt sis before it's too late.

5. Not Open

Guys who are afraid of commitment less than often want to talk. In other words, they avoid deep conversation and will rarely share anything intimate or personal about their lives. On the other hand, guys who are invested are free with their ladies and sometimes even vulnerable. This is because they trust their partners and therefore can confide in them.

6. Doesn't want to meet your family and friends

You may find that your boyfriend is constantly making excuses not to meet your friends or family. Moreover, every attempt you make is rendered futile as he doesn't want to extend social circles, as a result, he avoids any contact with them. This is proof that he doesn't want anything long-term.

However, it goes without saying that a serious guy who is ready to commit often wants to meet the people whom you love and are probably constantly talking about.

7. Doesn't Define the Relationship

If your guy doesn't want to label the relationship, this is more than enough proof that he isn't interested. Similarly, he is indecisive and whenever you ask that you talk about your relationship status, he brushes you off or loses interest.

If he doesn't want to give the status quo, then what are you guys really doing?

8. Trust your Gut

More often than not, you can almost tell whether your partner is ready to commit through your intuition. If you feel something is off in your relationship, there's no need to rethink or get an opinion. Act on it right away before it's too late. Trust your gut. It's always right.

To sum up, if your boyfriend checks some of these signs, there's no need to worry. You can always ask your partner directly if they are ready for a relationship. They may be willing to step-up. On the other hand, you may end up breaking up since both of you are on different pages. Either way, you'll have gained clarity. No more wasting time. As you well know that time wasted can never be recovered.

If he's indecisive so you end up giving him an ultimatum and he says "I like the way things are," there's no future here. Nada.

If he doesn't want something long-term, don't try to force a relationship. It will wreck you when it inevitably ends. Get out there. Your true love is somewhere waiting for you.