Is He Ready To Grow Up? 12 Signs He's On His Way To Being A Man

Dating an emotionally immature guy can be challenging because you're essentially in an adult relationship with someone who is afraid of their feelings. However, the good news is that most men eventually grow out of this phase. How do you know if your partner is ready to evolve into the man you need him to be? If you notice any of these 12 signs, he's on his way to becoming a mature partner.

He Owns Up To His Immaturity

Gone are the days of making excuses for his immature actions. He is now taking responsibility for his past mistakes and acknowledging them. He understands that constantly ignoring your calls and leaving you on "read" was wrong and hurtful, and he is mature enough to apologize for it.

He's Setting Realistic Goals

He's taking his future and your future together seriously by making realistic plans and setting achievable goals. A man who is dedicated to building a life with you is someone who is ready to mature and embrace adulthood. Even though he may feel anxious, he's not allowing his fears to hinder his progress.

He's Gotten Romantic

Previously, he would only put in minimal effort to maintain your interest. However, now he is showing affection because he genuinely wants to and acknowledges that you deserve it. He makes a point to call you every day, takes you on considerate dates, and makes an effort to spend time with you. As individuals mature, they understand that relationships require effort to succeed. It appears that he has finally come to this realization!

He's Not Living For Drama

In the past, he used to enjoy picking fights and making a big deal out of small things, but now he's not interested in petty drama. A man who is mature doesn't need to create unnecessary conflict to feel important. If he's living a relatively drama-free life, it's a good indication that he's grown up.

He's Communicating With You

He's engaging in mature conversations with you that are centered around meaningful topics. He's sharing his career aspirations, discussing his job, and even opening up about his emotions. While he may not divulge everything, he's sharing enough to make you feel included in his life. This kind of communication is a sign of his growing maturity.

He's Willing To Leave His Comfort Zone

Would you like to join your best friend and her irritating boyfriend on a double date? Well, your guy is open to the idea. Even though he may not enjoy it, he'll still go along with it because he wants to make you happy. He's willing to step out of his comfort zone occasionally to see you smile.

He's Deleted The Dating Apps

Merely claiming that he's committed is insufficient; he must demonstrate it by concentrating solely on you. That's why he erased his dating apps and eliminated every girl he's ever hooked up with from his Snapchat. His phone no longer gives off the impression that he's single and looking for someone else. Instead, it reflects that he's in a stable relationship and enjoying it.

He's Changing His Priorities

He no longer stays up until midnight or parties with his friends every weekend. Instead, he attends business workshops, has dinner with his parents, and makes sure to spend time with you. His change in priorities reflects his growing maturity and understanding of what truly matters.

He Pays Attention These Days

Gone are the days when you feel ignored. Now, when you enter the room, he greets you and shows that he's aware of your presence. He's even started to notice when you make changes to your appearance or wear something special. He's taken the time to understand your love language and knows that making you feel cherished is important in any relationship.

He's Not Holding Grudges

It's highly likely that both of you have exchanged some unpleasant words in the past (let's be real, it happens). The question is, has he forgiven you or does he still bring up old arguments? If you're both able to forgive and forget, it's a positive indication of his growth and maturity. While it can be challenging to communicate and move on from grudges, it's an essential aspect of personal development.

His Apartment Doesn't Scream Bachelor

Although he may not be the neatest person in the world, he's making an effort to maintain a clean home. You'll no longer find a pile of dirty dishes in his kitchen, and his bedroom no longer smells like a laundry hamper. He's becoming more conscious of how he's viewed by others, including you, which is a positive indication of his growth.

He's In Control Of His Emotions

Gone are the days when his emotions would overpower him. Regardless of how upset he may be with you or the world, he no longer resorts to screaming or shouting to make his point. He's learned to manage his emotions and think before speaking, which is why your communication with him has become so effective.