Is He Manipulating You? 10 Tactics He Uses To Turn The Tables On You


The good and bad times are part of any relationship, but it's important that the good outweighs the bad. Mistakes are inevitable, and the mature thing to do is apologize, forgive, and move on. However, if you constantly find yourself taking the blame for something that's clearly not your fault, it's possible that you're dealing with a manipulative partner. Here are 10 signs to watch out for:

1. He Tells You You're Nuts

It's a classic tactic of losers to make a woman feel like she's crazy, just because she called him out on his BS. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he tries to make you doubt yourself. By the end of the argument, you're left wondering if you're the one who's nuts. This is mental manipulation, and unfortunately, it often works.

2. He Questions Your Motives

You might start questioning yourself when your partner asks you why you're starting trouble. He makes you feel like you're blowing things out of proportion and that you're just looking for drama. Suddenly, you feel like the bad guy, and you worry that you're overreacting for no reason.

3. He Keeps Repeating Your Questions Back To You

When you inquire about his company, he responds with, "Who was I with?" This not only gives him time to fabricate a falsehood, but it also implies that you are pressuring him. He echoes your query as though it is ludicrous. He appears to be saying, "Why don't you have faith in me?" Rather than acting in this way, he should just answer your question honestly.

4. He Starts Pointing Out Your Flaws

Although the issue is about him, he will attempt to make it about you. It is a technique he has been familiar with since he was a child. If someone criticizes him, he immediately thinks of a flaw of their own. Instead of dealing with his own concerns, you are now bickering over the fact that you both tolerate each other. He brings you down to his level, and it works every time.

5. He Thinks Of Something You've Done Wrong

Even if it is unrelated, he fights back with the same intensity. If he is guilty of something, he will point out that you are not perfect either. By reminding you that you are not the best girlfriend, he attempts to justify himself. In this manner, he puts you in the hot seat, and he can direct his anger towards you.

6. He Plays The Victim

Instead of engaging in a calm conversation or a normal argument, he employs a tactic of making you feel sorry for him, causing you to forget that he is the real problem. He portrays himself as a victim, making you feel like you are always angry with him and impossible to please. In doing so, he attempts to project himself as the good guy, who is trying his best, and you as the girl who fails to appreciate him.

7. He Reminds You That You're Replaceable

He uses the threat of leaving you to manipulate you into submission, suggesting that there are plenty of other girls who wouldn't nitpick his every move. By doing so, he takes advantage of your fear of losing him, rendering you powerless. He questions your willingness to risk losing him over insignificant issues, thus making you doubt yourself and your relationship.

8. He Asks You If This Is What You Really Think Of Him

He employs a strategy of making you feel guilty by convincing you that you are demonizing him. He tries to portray himself as a caring and good-natured person, who is trying to love you despite all the challenges. In doing so, he attempts to make you feel like the bad guy, who only sees the negative side of him.

9. He Questions Your Confidence In His Love

He doesn't treat manipulation as a game; he considers it an art form, and he's a master of it. When you confront him about something that bothers you, he questions the entire relationship, making you doubt his love. This creates a false impression that the relationship has flaws, making you reluctant to say anything else, for fear that he will leave.

10. He Tells You He Forgives You

The argument may have begun with him being at fault, but it ended with you. You are blamed for bringing up the issue. However, he is gracious enough to forgive you for your mistake. He turns the tables, and you are left unaware of what just happened. This serves as a reminder to apologize.