Is He Leading You On? A Guy Reveals The Signs He's Not Really Interested

Although it's unfortunate, some men have a tendency to deceive and manipulate women to fulfill their desires. While it may not be possible to completely eliminate such unpleasant individuals, being aware of certain signs can help you recognize when a man is simply stringing you along without any real intention of committing to a serious relationship.

1. He tries to delay relationship milestones

A man who wants to keep you hanging will go out of his way to avoid certain relationship milestones, such as meeting your parents or going on a weekend trip together. He will do anything to steer clear of anything that would indicate that you are in a committed relationship. In a sense, he is providing you with clues that he has no interest in pursuing anything serious with you, which can ultimately save you time and effort.

2. He doesn't plan any creative dates

A man who is genuinely interested in impressing and charming you will be more inclined to come up with unique and creative date ideas. He will also make an effort to spend quality time with you. If he only suggests repetitive activities like dinner and a movie or "Netflix and chill," it's a sign that he may not be invested in building a meaningful connection with you. In fact, this routine may be something he has used on many other women in the past.

3. He gives you too many compliments

While it's nice for a man to offer compliments, excessive flattery could be a red flag. Men who are selfishly looking to lead a woman on understand that flattery can be a powerful tool to get what they want. Such men will shower women with any compliment they can think of to lure them in. Once they have control, they can then decide whether or not they want to pursue a serious relationship.

4. He's the king of last-minute cancelations

If last-minute cancellations become a recurring pattern, it's a sign that the relationship may not be headed in a positive direction. Such cancellations could mean a couple of things. Firstly, it indicates that the man is not thinking of being exclusive with you and has made other plans. Secondly, some men may deliberately cancel on women at the last minute to create the impression that they are in high demand. The idea is to make the woman want them more so that they can continue stringing her along.

5. You don't know his friends

If a man sees potential for a future with you, he will be comfortable introducing you to his friends. On the other hand, a man who is leading you on may not bother introducing you to his friends because they have already met many of his short-term girlfriends. He may also be hesitant to have his friends give you the impression that he is not a long-term option for you.

6. You always have to initiate contact

While some men may be shy and insecure, which can make it necessary for women to make the first move, if a man initiated contact at the start and then abruptly stopped, it's reasonable to question his intentions. This could indicate that he is willing to let things fade away, which suggests that he may have been leading you on. If that is the case, continuing to see him may only result in further disappointment.

7. He's all text and no action

Many men enjoy flirting via text because it's a fun and effortless way to engage with someone. It also creates an opportunity for something more to develop in the future. However, if a man is only texting you without making any effort to see you in person, it's a sign that he wants to keep you interested without any intention of pursuing something serious at the moment. While texting can be enjoyable, it may not lead to a meaningful relationship.

8. He overwhelms you with attention when you're together

It can be challenging to detect, but if a man showers you with affection in public but remains distant at other times, there may be cause for concern. We understand that you enjoy this kind of attention and that it can keep you interested, particularly if it's accompanied by mixed signals. This helps us stay in control, allowing us to keep you on the hook for as long as we like.

9. He avoids intimate moments

Intimacy is a challenge for men who want to avoid commitment while still spending time with women. When conversations start to become too personal or emotional, he will do his best to change the subject. If you spend enough time with someone, it's natural for there to be some intimate moments, both emotionally and physically. A man who repeatedly avoids these moments is likely leading you on.

10. He gets jealous

Strangely, men who are playing games may feel jealous when you mention seeing other people or having close male friends. The kind of men who lead you on and engage in these games often have a sense of entitlement. Just because the man you're dating isn't interested in a serious relationship doesn't mean he wants you to see other people, which is irrational and unjust. If a man is serious about you, he will feel anxious rather than jealous when you bring up other men.