Is He Keeping You A Secret? 10 Signs No One Knows About You

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who gave off an odd impression? Despite things seeming great on the surface, there's a sense of enigma that suggests he might be concealing something. Let's hope that he isn't hiding you.

1. Your Dates Are At Random Times

He insists that he prefers early dinners, but the truth is he knows that the later he goes out, the more likely he is to be seen. Dates can sometimes be brief as well. Fast food is a significant giveaway, but coffee is even more so. This is because he could always claim he was grabbing a caffeine fix with a coworker after a particularly stressful day.

2. You Haven't Met His Family Yet

If you have heard about his family, it may have only been through that one odd cousin. If he claims that his family is not close or doesn't do anything for holidays, it could be a warning sign. Even if he has a strained relationship with his family, it is expected that they would want to see him occasionally.

3. You're Not Facebook Official

Being "Facebook official" with your boyfriend is crucial, even if he isn't always active on the platform. It's an easy way for him to show that he's no longer available and a symbol of your mutual commitment. Although his profile may indicate that he's "in a relationship," if he hesitates when you ask to link profiles, it could be a red flag.

4. He's Not Willing To Jump In Your Selfies Even If You Beg

It's not necessary to post an excessive number of photos with your boyfriend to garner likes, nor should you have no photos at all due to his unwillingness. It's understandable if he's camera-shy or not skilled at taking photos, but he should be willing to take at least one photo with you when you're out together. If he refuses, it's possible that he doesn't want evidence of your relationship to be public.

5. It Takes Time To Get Back To You Regarding Plans

It could take up to a whole day for him to respond with a definitive answer after you texted him about watching a movie this weekend. This delay in response can signify various things. Firstly, he could be checking the schedule of his other girlfriend to determine whether he can make it work. Secondly, he may not be interested in you and wants to explore other options before responding.

6. He Claims He Has No Friends

Everyone has friends, even if they are solely online buddies, they still exist. Nonetheless, he seems to prefer keeping your relationship a secret from others. He believes that the fewer people who know about your relationship, the better it is.

7. He's Fuzzy With Details About His Job

He revealed the field he works in, but he hasn't disclosed much about his day-to-day work routine. Additionally, he has been somewhat quiet about the location of his office. Although you have a general idea, if you were to send him a package at his office, it would require a little bit of guesswork.

8. You've Seen Pictures Of Him With Other Women Before But He Claims They're "No One"

It's evident from a glimpse at his Instagram or even the framed pictures in his home that he has had previous relationships, and it seems he hasn't moved on yet. Alternatively, it could be that he is still involved in those relationships but chooses not to conceal the evidence due to sheer laziness.

9. His Dates Really Aren't Very Innovative

Not every outing with your partner must be a meticulously planned affair. Sometimes, putting on the TV and calling it a "date" suffices. However, his attempts at dates always seem to lack excitement. Ordering subs or visiting the same unremarkable chain restaurant repeatedly. This attitude stems from him seeing your relationship as temporary, so why go through the trouble of planning?

10. He Often Has Trouble Accounting For His Time

Constantly monitoring your partner's every move is not only strange but also unhealthy. Nonetheless, if he frequently goes long periods without checking in, there might be cause for concern. It's possible he's leading an entirely separate life without you, which may sound extreme, but it does happen, and it's essential to protect yourself from it.