Is He Flirting Or Just Being Friendly? How To Tell If He's Really Interested

It's difficult to distinguish between a man's friendliness and flirting when chivalry is so uncommon. However, there are subtle cues that can reveal his actual intentions. These small details can make all the difference in determining whether he sees you as a platonic friend or imagines a romantic encounter with you.

1. He Seems Nervous

If you observe your platonic friend fidgeting and blushing around you, it's a sign that he has romantic interest in you. Normally, if he saw you only as a friend, he would be able to maintain eye contact with ease, without feeling anxious.

2. He Tries To Get You Alone

There's hardly any reason for a guy to seek privacy with you, except when he wants to share intimate information about his recent hookup without others overhearing. Therefore, if he proposes to spend time together alone in his room, and he prefers to have one-on-one conversations, it's almost certain that he wants a romantic relationship with you.

3. He Remembers Everything About You

Although it's expected for your friends to remember your birthday, it's unlikely that they'll recall specific details such as the outfit you wore during your first encounter or your favorite Skittles flavor, even if they are quite attentive. Therefore, if a guy remembers every word you say, it's a sign that he is doing it intentionally and for a particular reason.

4. He Stares At Your Lips

Disregard his eyes, if a guy frequently gazes at your lips, it's an undeniable indication that he is contemplating kissing you, and possibly other things. He probably lacks the courage to act on his desires and turn his fantasies into reality.

5. He Makes Suggestive Comments

Does he often incorporate sexual humor into your conversations? If he consistently manages to inject something suggestive into your discussions, it's a clear indication of what's on his mind every time he encounters you.

6. He Always Looks His Best Around You

Suppose you're aware of his typical attire, which usually consists of sweatpants and hoodies. In that case, if he shows up dressed to the nines whenever he meets you, there's likely a reason behind his sudden change of style. Generally, most men aren't as fashion-conscious as women, so if he's making an effort to dress up, it's an attempt to impress a particular person.

7. He Doesn't Talk About Any Other Girls

If he considered you to be just friends, he would feel comfortable sharing details about the girls he's interested in. However, if he hardly notices other women when he's with you, it's likely because the person he has a crush on is standing right in front of him.

8. He Seems Annoyed When You Mention Other Guys

The most significant indication that a guy has romantic interest in you is if his mood suddenly shifts when you bring up a male friend. This behavior suggests that he desires to be the one dating you and does not wish to hear about any potential competition.

9. His Attention Is All On You

When you speak, he genuinely pays attention. Even if his phone receives a notification, he doesn't glance at the screen. His undivided focus is solely on you, indicating that you're the most significant thing in the room to him.

10. He Touches You Whenever He Can

While some individuals are comfortable with close physical proximity and enjoy hugging or giving cheek kisses, it might be a part of their personality. However, suppose he only displays this behavior towards you and not with anyone else. In that case, it's a clear indication that he has feelings for you.