Is He Cheating On You? How To Tell The Truth

Is He Cheating On You? How To Tell The Truth

The truth does not always end relationships. Continuous lies and secrecy make them unsustainable. Getting your man to admit to cheating may be rather tough, especially if he is a very good liar. However, there are some signs of a cheating husband, and if you know where to look, you will easily find the truth.

Sudden behavioral change(s) and language use

Having been together, you know how your man acts typically; his reactions to questions and challenges, how he listens, and so on. Sudden patterns of change may be duplicitous red flags. For example, changes in his overall body language or some facial expressions with specific speech patterns.

Particular language patterns can help you predict or identify a cheater. Specifically, cheaters will use few exclusive or high complex words such as "except, but, without." Such words can offer information about a false alibi. They make few self-references (I, me, mine).

Cheaters also tend to use more negative words or emotional expressions like "sad, enemy, hate, anger, worthless," and these often come up in untruthful stories.

Look out for defense mechanisms

One key sign of lying is a personal defense mechanism. Does your man delve into personal attacks rather than answer your question? Does he ask repetitive questions instead of a direct answer? Liars tend to do this. Perhaps, to fabricate an answer.

Someone who is lying might also attain a sudden inability to speak due to nervousness.

Different storytelling

Ask him to tell his story in reverse, order the events last to first, or tell his story from the start to the middle of a specific point. A liar will have a hard time.

Ask him to recap with questions like, "what did you say occurred right before that?" Point out an error if he offers a different sequence of events or says he doesn't remember.

Tell an incorrect version of his story

If he gives a story about his engagements, retell it differently and, more specifically, incorrectly. For example, assuming he is cheating on you with a coworker when asked about his whereabouts, he might say he went out for drinks with his friends. You could reply, "Oh, okay. So, you went out with your friends and coworker?" He might say, "I wasn't out with my friends." Obviously, you will spot the lie and denial.

He might now result to quickly covering himself, making corrections, and giving details of what really happened. This trick works best if you are engaged with something else, like watching a film or reading.

Prime and ask him open questions

Frame your man's thoughts or behavior by using particular phrases or words. You may casually ask him, "how honest would you say you are being?" Open questions require more than a simple yes or no answer. They will get him to begin talking. With more information, you will gather more evidence.

With open questions, he will become more comfortable and be lulled into a direct or indirect revelation. Nod more. It is a sign of agreement and encouragement. Nodding brings about a will to continue speaking and creates a feeling of ease. Luckily, he should offer deeper details.

Listen keenly for even the smallest details and see they check out. For example, talk to whoever he says he was with for certainty.

Do not push him too far

Asking him too many questions, direct and pointed, might make him clam up and become more unwilling to confess. Simply, don't show that you are suspicious before you know he can crack. You will avoid frustration, sarcasm, and more lies. Use your natural form of conversation. Avoid questions like "what were you doing, where were you?"

Always don't share all your information at the same time but rather work progressively. As you extract the information, remain calm and put him at ease. Be empathic and not aggressive. Use a curious, nonjudgmental, and light, but not a cold tone. You can bluff, but remember to be smart enough not to look stupid.

Final Thoughts

There might not be a full-proof way to get your man to admit to cheating. However, you can draw some insights and probably get him to a full confession eventually with these tips.