Is Having A Celebrity Crush Cheating?

Is Having A Celebrity Crush Cheating?

A celebrity crush is supposed to make everyday life a bit more entertaining. Yet, it seems to be ruining your relationship. Now what?

But, what if they are causing issues in our relationships? Is having a famous crush cheating or is your partner overreacting?

Generally speaking, having a crush while you're in a committed relationship isn't cheating, yet it's not quite a way to treat someone you love. But, what if that crush is from another world, like Hollywood?

Sometimes the issue isn't a celebrity, nor your crush. Other times, it might be that you're going overboard with your obsession. Let's go through several scenarios to answer an age-old question: Is having a celebrity crush cheating?

Our relationships with the superstars

There's no much rational thinking involved in worshiping someone merely because they are good-looking and somewhat talented. However, we didn't invent celebrating the rich and famous.

The whole thing dates back to ancient times, and it's part of human nature.

Most of the time, we don't even see stars as mere mortals. They have the best cars, designer clothes, and they are always looking like a billion bucks. So in a way, we admire them, and we want to be like them.

Seemingly, we are jealous because they shouldn't be worth more than us.

Your favorite celebrity crush might bring you joy through art or inspirational speeches. They may inspire you to do more good and help the community. And, of course, they provide entertainment. Who broke up with whom? Who's to blame, Angelina or Brad?

So, despite knowing that all the glitz and glamour is fake, we have a certain admiration for celebrities. And that's how we get to celebrity crushes.

Cheating and celebrity crushes

If you're constantly comparing your partner to your celebrity crush, you're not cheating, but you're annoying.

Here's the thing: your love doesn't look like a movie star. Nor can they afford all the red carpet outfits or private jets. You're putting your partner down with something that is supposed to sound innocent.

Our egos are fragile as it is. Telling your boyfriend that Zayn is the perfect guy on the planet is stupid.

Obviously, you don't know him, but you know the person who is sharing a life with you. Yet, you're talking without hearing yourself and hurting the feelings of the one person you should love the most.

No, you're not cheating, but you're a terrible partner, and for what? Over some washed-up celebrity who is most likely a total jerk?

Or even if they are the sweetest, you don't have to tell your partner how perfect your celebrity crush is.

Of course, if you're obsessing over celebrities, you're on your way to developing some severe mental health issues, so it's always best to keep your star crushes at a safe distance.

You can fancy a person, but don't get emotionally attached.

Celebrities and over-possessive partners

On the other side of the coin are partners who don't understand that you can think that someone's hot without thinking they are the ideal person for you.

Too much jealousy, possessiveness, isn't a sign of a healthy relationship. Your issues aren't related to one celebrity crush. They are much deeper and more serious.

Young love tends to be overprotective, but as time goes by, people should feel safe and secure when they are with the person they choose. If not, if they are anxious and always scared that they will get dumped, it's a clear sign that they have a fear of abandonment.

If you think your partner is acting irrational, talk to them. Explain that they don't have to love celebrity culture, but your meaningless crush means nothing other than merely admiring someone's looks.

Reassure your boyfriend or girlfriend that most adults have famous crushes, yet it doesn't mean that there are any real emotions involved. It's a fantasy, and a healthy one since you have no intention of chasing some tv star.

For many people, this will be enough. But, if it's not, it's time to rethink whether you should be with someone whose trust issues are beyond your expertise. You're a partner, not a security blanket or a therapist.

Would you cheat on your partner with a celebrity crush?

Here's the big question: let's say your crush saw you, and they are somewhat OK. Would you make a move and risk your whole relationship? Because, if that's the case, you don't deserve to be in a loving relationship.

Sorry for the harsh words, but we make choices regarding our partners. And being single is a choice.

Promising someone the world, and yet wanting to have it all thrown away over some star, is manipulative, and foolish.

The main reason couples fight over silly stars and feelings of lust is because no one is quite sure what would happen if the opportunity came knocking. If you can't answer your partner with a straight face that it's just a game, then you're in big trouble.

Eventually, it all comes down to trust. However, to get to that point, you need to work out many important, vital issues and continuously work on your relationship.

There's such a thing as a hall pass, where couples do get a night off from a relationship if they get a chance to sleep with their celebrity crush.

But, how is sleeping with Rihanna different from sleeping with any other good-looking lady? It's a fun game, but don't take it seriously. And don't play it if you think it might trigger some trust issues.

Is your celebrity crush ruining your love life?

You're creating expectations that aren't real because your favorite celebrities live from selling an illusion. No, your boyfriend can't look at you the way Prince Harry looks at Meghan Markle. You're not with Prince Harry.

The extension of having a celebrity crush is living under the impression that their lives are more than perfect. What you see in front of the cameras is just that: a show for the masses.

But, I am willing to bet that the same Prince and Meghan have a normal, regular relationship, without mystical gazes and all the fanfares.

Perhaps it's not a question of cheating on your partner, rather than cheating on the whole relationship. As long as you're comparing the two of you with another famous couple, you're killing everything unique about the two of you.

Cheating may be a strong word, but people have different definitions of cheating. For some, it's a kiss. For others, it's not cheating unless you had sex with a third party.

And of course, what we fail to see is the emotional cheating, which is the problem when you're more into a celebrity crush or a couple than into your own committed partnership.

Is it ever OK to be jealous of your partner's celebrity crush?

Save the best for last: you two have a solid, healthy mature relationship. Yet, you feel jealous, and you know it's silly, yet the green-eyed monster is there. Not all the time, but it's bugging you.

You're not wrong for feeling jealous. However, you need to remember that your partner picked you. And they want you, everything else regarding superstars is pure fantasy.

According to leading psychologists, the less you look like your partner's celebrity crush, the better. Simply, it's easy to recognize it's not real because they are your opposite.

Your feelings are valid, and if everything else is in order, it's time to talk it out. Perhaps you're anxious about the future, or you need to work on spicing up the relationship.

Find compromise, and let your partner have their celebrity crush, as long as it's clear that they are your number one fan.

Some people think that jealousy is romantic, but it's toxic, and you need to compromise. Otherwise, your future as a couple doesn't seem quite bright.

If it's not cheating, yet it feels like it. What's the deal with celebrity crushes?

They are giving us everything we will never have, and that's what makes them so powerful and present in our lives.

Most of the time, it's not about that perfect actor or musician. It's about everything that they are, and that we will never achieve.

It's a world where fairytales meet nightmares, so it's no wonder we are so attracted to the idea of hooking up with someone famous.

But, in all seriousness, having a calm, real life, away from the spotlight, while doing the job you love and sharing your life with someone who deserves you, now that's real magic.

Celebrity crushes will continue to live on, but celebrity culture is way overrated. So, if your partner fancies someone famous, let them. Or, if it's genuinely bugging you, tell them.

If you can't find an agreement, then you'll always be that couple that broke up over a celebrity.