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Is A Floating Water Tent A Good Choice For You?

Is A Floating Water Tent A Good Choice For You?

Many people love to go camping, as it gives them the chance to escape for a while. You can be at one with nature and enjoy plenty of fresh air as well as an exciting adventure. There are plenty of wonderful campgrounds to choose from. Many people head off on a camping trip with their friends or family members, where they pitch up a tent, enjoy al fresco dining and get involved in a host of recreational activities.

There is now a new concept in camping for those who want to enjoy an even more exciting adventure – camping in a floating water tent. Not everyone has taken to this idea, so it may not be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you want true adventure, this could be just the thing for you. These tents do what they say on the tin – they are pitched in water and you float along as part of your camping experience. So, is this the right choice for you?

Is this the Right Choice for You?

If you are considering trying water camping out for yourself, there are various factors you need to take into consideration first. You should look at both the pros and cons of this type of camping to determine whether it is right for you. Some of these include:


There are various pros to consider when deciding whether you want to enjoy a water camping experience. One is the real sense of adventure and being able to wake up in a new place every day. You can take in the scenery as you float along, and you will be able to look forward to a unique camping experience.

Another is that the tents are designed with a level of inflation that enables you to use the floor of the tent as a comfortable place to sleep, so you don't need any additional bedding or sleeping bags – just a blanket or two in case you get chilly.


Of course, there are also cons and concerns you need to think about when it comes to water camping. One thing is where you will go if you desperately need to go to the toilet, as there are no areas or campsite toilets for you to use. Showering and cleaning up is another issue you have to contend with – and where will you cook if you want to eat. Of course, you can steer your floating tent to an area where you can do all of these things, so you can get around these issues.

However, one major concern is where you might end up. If you float along and happen to fall asleep while floating, you could end up anywhere. So, it would be vital for someone to ensure the floating tent is steered to a proper location before you go to sleep. Otherwise, you could wake up without any clue where you are.

Finally, what happens if the tent springs a leak? While these tents are made to be very durable and robust, you never know what might happen when you are on the water. If the tent does become damaged and starts to leak, you could find yourselves desperately swimming for the shore, leaving your possessions behind!

Try It for a Day

While you may not fancy water camping for a whole weekend or longer period, it is something you might enjoy as an experience for a day. However, keep in mind that these floating tents do not come cheap!