Irina Shayk Shows Off Toned Thighs In Eye-Popping Blue Swimsuit

Irina Shayk Shows Off Toned Thighs In Eye-popping Blue Swimsuit

Irina Shayk, the famous supermodel, recently made a spicy photo session that featured the swimwear she modeled for the Ivy Park and Adidas collaboration.

In one of the pictures, Irina stands tall and firm, displaying her toned physique dressed in a baby blue latex swimsuit. She paired her swimsuit with a blue hooded cape that has some subtle flowery print in earth tones.

She was wearing brownish high-heeled sandals that looked perfectly matched with the flowery cape.

And, of course, her fans didn't hesitate to express their opinions.

Luckily, they were amazed by the final results this time, and many encouraging comments followed in the comment box area under the picture.

Moreover, earlier this month, Irina shared some other photos on her Instagram, and her 19.6M followers had the opportunity to see how Irina had spent her summer.

Although Irina doesn't share too many details about her private life, she lets her fans know that she had a summer vacation in Ibiza.

The supermodel shared a couple of snaps where we can see her kneeling on a wooden platform, with cocktails near her. She stuck to simplicity even when it came to the caption of the picture. Irina decided to write just a simple "meow."

And earlier this year, her fans and followers saw another side of this famous Ice Queen. Even though she doesn't get very emotional too often, Irina shared something from her early modeling days in Paris, long ago when she had only 19.

"It was an apartment with eight models sharing two bathrooms," she started reminiscing.

Then she added a thing or two about her early income: "Although I didn't make a lot of money and some days, I couldn't afford to eat, but, you know, it was the most beautiful time I've ever had."

Irina also added that she stood firmly to who she was and didn't follow the standards of losing weight to become a model.

"I didn't feel pressure to lose kilos and color my hair, and I still stick to that. I think the industry's changing for the better."

Regarding her love life, we remember that Irina and Bradley Cooper once were such a strong couple. However, it's good to see how both of them try to bring out the best from the co-parenting of their daughter.