Introduction To Various Tarot Spreads And How To Use Them In Readings

Introduction To Various Tarot Spreads And How To Use Them In Readings

Whether you're curious about the best tarot spread or the most common one, the truth is it depends on more factors. There's no such thing as the best tarot spread because different people have different needs and goals.

As for the most common one, it's worth knowing that every tarot reader has their own way to see things and interpret cards after. There are, however, a few popular tarot spreads that many advisors rely on, and each of them has its own advantages.

Different spreads have different focal points. Each psychic reader will focus on one of them. Once they learn how to incorporate them for accurate readings, they'll no longer bother about other spreads.

Furthermore, no matter what spread your reader relies on, results may often be the same if cards are interpreted correctly.

With these thoughts in mind, what are the most popular spreads out there and why?

True love

The true love spread is among the most common ones. It's well accurate for those who need to know more about their love life and relationships, so spread for love tarot reading is a popular choice among readers.

The spread will reveal details regarding the current love situation, circumstances and difficulties, but it may also reveal a few things about the future. It makes no difference if you're single or you're already in a relationship.

On the same note, it's important to know that every relationship out there has both ups and downs. This spread will evaluate them correctly and help you identify the spiritual connection with your partner.

There are six cards in this spread. The first one is you and your feelings. The second one is your partner and their emotions. The third one defines your connection, as well as what you have in common.

The fourth card shows how strong your relationship is, while the fifth one is focused on your weaknesses. The final card is what truly matters, the true love card, which tells you what to focus on in order for the relationship to thrive.

The real success

The success spread is more common among tarot readers specialized in career and professional advice. It's quite popular if you need to understand how to overcome certain obstacles in your professional life. You'll find out how to approach them and what you need to change to be successful.

This spread won't necessarily tell you how successful you'll be. Instead, it's focused on challenges in your career. Simply put, it can and will guide you accordingly. When you know what's wrong, you'll obviously be able to make the right decisions to fix it.

There are five cards in this spread.

The first card identifies the main obstacle in your professional life, as well as the challenge you might be facing. The second one provides more details on potential complications and how the challenge affects your life.

The third card offers insight into factors that might affect your current situation, while the fourth one is important for showing the path forward. It will identify people or ideas that can help you become more successful.

Finally, the fifth card tells you what you have to do to be successful. You can get a pretty accurate idea about it before even getting there, but it just makes everything crystal clear.

Celtic cross

This spread is more sophisticated. It's quite popular and more common among old school and experienced tarot readers. Its charm lies in how complicated it is.

Given its complex profile, it's also likely to provide more details in very complicated situations. It offers a great deal of details about your life. Based on what you need help with, it can be used for both love and career advice.

There are usually 10 cards in this spread:
- The first one is your current circumstance.
- The second one defines the main obstacle in your life.
- The third one reveals less obvious influences, both positive and negative.
- The fourth one shows the tools you can use to overcome the obstacle.
- The fifth one is about the past of the respective situation and how you got here.
- The sixth one shows you where you're heading if you fail to make a change.
- The seventh one is about your attitude.
- The eighth one reveals your energy in these particular circumstances.
- The ninth card defines what you truly want, whether you're aware of it or not.
- The tenth card will reveal the outcome.

Spiritual guidance

This spread is suitable in more situations, but it mostly relates to your spiritual aspect. From personal growth and development to spiritual guidance, there's a bit of everything.

The first card shows your top concern. The second one defines your motivation, while the third card reveals aspects of your life that may trigger your anxiety. The fourth card shows events that may take place at the moment.

Moving on, the fifth card is about advice, while the sixth one teaches you how to proceed from your anxiety. The seventh one teaches you how to move forward from this point on, while the last one will reveal the potential result.

Three card

This is the simplest spread because it implies using three cards only. Given its simplicity, it's quite popular because it shows quick results. It doesn't require too much experience, either.

It can provide help in many situations, from love and spiritual advice to career help and other difficulties in one's life.

Career path

This is another popular spread for those who need help with their professional lives. It has seven cards. The first one tells you whether or not your current career is the best one for you.

The second card shows what you need to do to improve your situation, while the third one reveals things you shouldn't focus on. The fourth card defines your current performance, followed closely by the fifth one, which tells you what to improve.

The sixth card puts out the factors affecting your current career. As for the last one, it anticipates the result you may get if you follow the advice received from the advisor.

In the end, while there are more tarot spreads out there, the above-mentioned ones are the most common ones and can usually solve most people's issues if interpreted correctly.