Intriguing Who Is Most Likely To Questions (100+) For Fun At Any-Type Gatherings

Intriguing Who Is Most Likely To Questions (100+) For Fun At Any-Type Gatherings

The game of asking who is most likely to questions is funny, interesting, and one of the best non-intrusive ways to get to know someone. You also get to know what others think of you. The game is a lot similar to a Never Have I Ever game, which helps you know fellow players better.

You can play it with friends at a home party or an outdoor picnic. It's perfect for any family gathering or an extended stay-home period. You get to laugh your heart out.

What's the game about?

The who is most likely to game is one where you and other participants answer questions on who is most likely to do a particular thing.

Parents can play the game with their children. It can serve as a bonding game for couples or just-for-laughs between siblings or friends.

What questions do I ask on a who is most likely to questions game?

Worry not! I have a comprehensive list of intriguing "who would do" or "who is most likely to" questions for you and your peeps to answer.

The amount of fun you'll derive from answering these questions requires that I suggest you record a video for all of you to watch and laugh at a later time. Or for other friends to enjoy on any social media platform.

The list I have compiled contains funny and lively questions suitable for friends, couples, family members, and coworkers.

Let's get started!

For Friends

Who is most likely to:

1. Forget to wear earrings when going out?

2. Fart in public?

3. Get scolded by parents?

4. Forget what they told someone?

5. Cry over a movie?

6. Watch a horror movie?

7. Get everyone in trouble?

8. Get married first?

9. Go crazy at the mall?

10. Shout at a store attendant?

11. Go to the mall for one thing but come back with everything that's not on her budget?

12. Forget to drink water?

13. Go on a solo night out without missing anyone?

14. Fall asleep during a movie?

15. Fall asleep in class?

16. Have a fallout with a friend over something irrelevant?

17. Go crazy over the smallest things?

18. Treat love like their life depends on it?

19. Be a terrible photographer?

20. Get drunk on a single shot of vodka?

21. Be a terrible liar?

22. Be embarrassed around his or her crush?

23. Kill a cheating spouse?

24. Give the silent treatment?

25. Eat even in the face of adversity?

26. Grow fat over time?

27. Fret over small things?

28. Stay the longest in the bathroom?

29. Sleep naked?

30. Backstab friends?

31. Be in two relationships at once?

32. Spend recklessly?

33. Be a cool parent?

34. Have any children?

35. Live the longest?

36. Fight in public?

37. Petty about everything?

For Couples

On the weekends when you have some free time to spend together or when you're on vacation, this game comes in handy. It could help you realize what you are doing right and what you need to work on. But, most of all, it's a game to make you laugh. So, who is most likely to:

1. Give the silent treatment?

2. Spend on impulse?

3. Be indecisive about what to wear?

4. Be an amazing parent?

5. Break his or her phone's screen a few weeks after purchase?

6. Spoil the kids silly?

7. Be calm during a stormy situation?

8. Get mad at the smallest things?

9. Throw a fit over leaving the toilet seat up?

10. Forget an anniversary?

11. Be late for a family event?

12. Crack everyone up?

13. Forget a spouse's birthday?

14. Beat a disobedient child?

15. Keep old things that are no longer useful just to keep's sake.

16. Sleep while watching TV?

17. Exhaust a month's data subscription in 5 days?

18. Buy unnecessary things?

19. Stay up the whole night watching movies?

20. Sleep through a storm?

21. Cry to get out of a fix?

22. Panic at the slightest indication of a problem?

23. Overthinking things?

24. Belittle a potentially harmful situation?

For Siblings: Who is most likely to

1. Be expelled from school?

2. Look the same after so many years?

3. Have a high grade on an exam?

4. Have no one touch his or her things?

5. Share what they have?

6. Be thrifty?

7. Say something stupid in public?

8. Stand up for what is right?

9. Lie without fidgeting?

10. Scream at the sight of any insect?

11. Make a mess of his or her room and not mind for days?

12. Be melodramatic?

13. Stay in bed all day?

14. Sneak out of the house?

15. Get caught sneaking out of the house?

16. Be absent at a family gathering?

17. Forget names of cousins?

18. Feign illness to get out of doing chores?

19. Skip school?

20. Disobey parents without flinching?

21. Talk to parents about everything that worries him or her?

22. Talk back at parents?

23. Lie about the cost of things just to get extra money?

24. Miss a curfew?

25. Sleep out for days?

26. Snitch on other siblings?

27. Cover for other siblings?

28. Take the blame for other siblings?

29. Speak like they don't care but care for everyone behind the scenes (big sisters)?

30. Damage things and blame it on somebody else?

Children to parents

1. Who is most likely to panic when you're not home and they can't reach your cellphone?

2. Who would shout at you when you make a mistake?

3. Go the extra mile to get you what you want?

4. Satisfy your needs over your wants?

5. Criticize you for your mistakes?

6. Take a bullet for you?

7. Protect you with their life?

8. Come to your school dressed funky to impress your peers?

9. Spend more money on you?

10. Talk to you like an adult when you default?

11. Seize your cell phone?

12. Go through your phone?

13. Ease you being grounded before the due date?

Who is most likely to questions for coworkers

At the company's end of the year party or a weekend, out with coworkers or a work retreat, the who is most likely questions game can come in handy to spice things up. Hence, the list below. Who is most likely to:

1. Talk back to the boss?

2. Have a word fight at work?

3. Defy the dress code?

4. Wear skimpy office outfits?

5. Put a client in his or her place?

6. Doze off at a meeting?

7. Snitch on other employees?

8. Cover for other colleagues?

9. Treat everyone to lunch?

10. Succeed at a task everyone fails at?

11. Take up a task everyone rejects?

12. Be the boss' favorite?

13. Be annoying but indispensable?

14. Arrive late to a meeting?

15. Take a huge risk for the company's sake?

16. Work till late without the promise of extra pay?