Intimacy Skills That Will Transform Your Relationship


What are Intimacy Skills

Even though many consider love to be the basis of a perfect relationship, it will take a lot more than that for two partners to build an authentic and long-lasting bond. For a couple's relationship to grow and mature, the two persons involved will have to discover each other. Sharing life experiences, identifying common goals, traits, and values is the proper way to do it. At the same time, they must acknowledge and accept the differences between them. The two partners must also try to explore new things as often as they can! From sudden city breaks to sex toys, from couple's therapy to dating sites, the world is literally every couple's oyster! But the most crucial aspect of them all is getting to know each other, which can only be done with some authentic intimacy skills.

intimacy skills that will transform your relationship
intimacy skills that will transform your relationship

This is because building intimacy skills do not translate into getting to know your partner only on a physical, sexual, intellectual, and social level. You must get to know your better half psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually! And yes, all of these three stages will be required to reach fulfillment, both on a personal level and as a couple.

As such, in order for a couple to pass the test of time, the two partners must not be afraid to respect, appreciate, value, understand, and accept each other. And these are just general intimacy skills, or what most folk would call 'common-sense.' The current article will not only focus on what intimacy skills are and how to develop intimacy skills. It will also explore the lesser-known small things that can solidify and revive the bond between partners.

Don't Sleep on Nostalgia

Partners should reminisce and try to relive that moment when they first met as often as possible. Remembering those early times and sharing the memories with your loved one can help you both revive that initial "spark." After all, what better way to recreate the most affectionate moments of your lives? A great tip on how to improve marriage intimacy is to visit those old places from the past and give yourselves the chance to feel the way you did back then once more.

Remain Competitive

No, we're not talking about living your lives like one of those crazy Wacky Racers episodes all the time! We're not addressing conflict intimacy skills either. But a mild pillow fight now and then or the occasional Scrabble game is not just pretty fun activities. They can also add tremendously to the excitement of the relationship.

Daring Is Caring

intimacy skills that will transform your relationship
intimacy skills that will transform your relationship

Anything from watching a hardcore horror movie together down to trying scuba diving for the first time while on vacation will get that adrenaline pumping. Combined with the feeling of vulnerability that the two of you will share, this is one of those intimacy skills that can bring you closer and strengthen your trust in one another.

Never Stop Flirting

On a long enough timeline, most couples will end up acting more like friends rather than partners. If you have reached this point, try to be the one that takes the initiative! Never be afraid to show your affection and allow your partner to see that you still find him or her attractive! And what better way to do this than flirting? This is the best possible reminder of that love connection that still exists between the two of you.

The Power Of Touch

intimacy skills that will transform your relationship
intimacy skills that will transform your relationship

Wondering how to learn intimacy? Basic chemistry is your best friend, and it all starts with oxytocin. This chemical substance is present in our bodies that is solely responsible for creating a bond between two persons. How does it work? Pretty simple, our oxytocin levels increase naturally whenever we touch someone. The more intense the touch, the higher the levels. Thanks to this substance, the simple act of holding hands or touching your partner's cheek can help to build intimacy skills beyond your wildest expectations.

Talk Isn't Cheap

The more open and honest your conversations, the more comfortable you will both feel when bringing your love into the discussion. Suppose you're wondering what the 5 levels of intimacy are. In that case, you should know that safe communication is the first one, and for a good reason! The closer and safer you feel to your partner, the more intimate you will become.

It Pays To Be Nice

Let's also go back to some basic intimacy skills for a bit. Constant compliments, ordering your partner's favorite food, or surprise texting during the day just to say that you're thinking about him or her. All of these small things will act as living reminders of the affection between you.

Sex Isn't Everything

Remember that not all moments of intimacy and affection must lead to making love! Suppose two partners only associate affection with the attempt to make love. In that case, intimacy will slowly but steadily disappear from their lives.

Pay Attention To The Ambient

A messy bedroom, way too much light, or a dirty bed are never going to arouse anybody's desire. Keep it clean and tidy, and try to create a romantic and relaxing ambiance for both of you as often as you can! A few nice-scented candles and some home-cooked food may very well be the true intimacy skills meaning.

Final Thoughts On Intimacy Skills

The fact that you have been in a couple for a long time doesn't necessarily mean that passion has to step down a notch in the relationship. Communication is the cornerstone of intimacy for literally any couple out there and probably the most important skill of them all. Always be open to receiving and accepting your partner's opinion and actively practice only those intimacy skills that satisfy both of you equally. But we're curious to find out more about your take on skills that can strengthen a relationship, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below!