Instagrammer Has Surgeon Inspect Her Butt After Followers Claimed It Wasn't Real

Instagrammer has surgeon inspect her butt after followers claimed it wasn’t real

Instagram users are often portraying perfect and unrealistic images of what people should look like.

Many of them resort to plastic surgery to obtain flawless bodies so they can show off their assets. Often, they go to extremes, but this is a different story.

instagrammer has surgeon inspect her butt after followers claimed it wasn't real

An Instagram model was tired of her body being described as fake and decided to take matters into her own hands. Or, in this case, into a doctor's hands.

Daisy Keech Insists Her Booty Is Real

The Instagram model Daisy Keech often had to hear that her behind isn't real. People would go on about how fake her butt is - maybe because they couldn't believe that such an attractive derrière could be natural.

When she had enough of all the accusations, Daisy opted to get a professional's opinion.

As a reminder: people use Photoshop, and of course, there's always an option that some have better genetics. But, for many, the first thought is: she's plastic!

Maybe she was born with it

An experienced plastic surgeon took a close look at Daisy's butt to determine whether it is what she was born with or not.

Daisy wanted her 875,000 supporters on Instagram to know the truth.

The 19-year-old visited Beverly Hills specialist Ashkan Ghavami, and he assessed her buttocks. It's not something you hear every day.

The doctor took a look at the butt, asserting that there were no indications of any work done like cuts. Ghavami, at that point, depicted the 19-year-old as being "hereditarily honored."

Her hindquarters are genuine, so I advised her, you realize what, many individuals are hatin' on you saying your butt's not genuine, so I'm going to ensure it as a butt master. It's genuine.

The specialist continued:

I know it's genuine for various reasons. Most importantly, her age. She's never had children. Furthermore, on the off chance that you look here, her butt cheek has a great deal of immovability to it, it has great volume.

I don't perceive any skin changes that implies she's had anything fake infused. I don't perceive any little cuts that highlight fat exchange.

She has 19-year-old tight, close skin, and she does hip pushes, she really eats meat, she eats a truly even eating regimen, and she does generally mass muscle preparing.

So the entirety of that, her childhood, and the entirety of this focus on the way that this is a genuine butt cheek. It's ensured Ghavami genuine.

Not the first time

Ashkan confirmed to model's supporters that her but is indeed all-natural.

Daisy's behind has great volume, according to Ashkan, which indicates that it is genuine. But, if this story sounds familiar, you're not wrong.

Back in 2011, Kim Kardashian did the same thing. The only difference is that she did it on her show. In another era, before Instagram.

instagrammer has surgeon inspect her butt after followers claimed it wasn't real

Perhaps her haters will now stop making accusations and start following her example.

And remember: you cannot have that behind if you're not young and always investing in yourself!

Are we that cynical that we cannot believe that butt is real? Is that because of all the things Kylie Jenner said she never did? Like her boobs, her lips, and cheeks? Or, are we truly a bunch of haters?

Something to think about, wouldn't you say?