Instagram Models And Influencers Are Giving Us Interior Goals

Instagram Models And Influencers Are Giving Us Interior Goals

You may say you don't care about Instagram models or Instagram influencers, but most of us are addicted to scrolling. And while we're at it, why not pick up something useful, like interior design ideas?

As the rest of the world is still trying to figure out the new normal, instead of overthinking, place your attention into making your home even more comfortable.

Inspiration comes from the weirdest places, and our today's advice comes from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's cool Insta page.

When you're paid to post photos, everything has to be "in" and on point. We're beyond perfect selfies, and more focus is on creating a particular atmosphere.

This doesn't mean you should create an Instagram-friendly space. Instead, make it look more luxurious, more colorful, and simply prettier.

Let's start with the walls, and then we'll add just one furniture piece that makes all the difference.

Instagram models and influencers are into dark shades

instagram models and influencers are giving us interior goals

It's a great way to spend your weekend while staying safe and doing something to clear your mind. No, we're not talking about a yoga retreat but a DIY painting job.

Dark shades of blue and grey are chic choices for walls in your bedroom or living room. It's not conventional, yet they look modern and even add warmth.

If you're unsure about these color choices, paint one wall. Dark shades of blue and gray are easy to combine with natural elements, such as wood, and it will make your home garden even more attractive.

And in case you want to keep your walls on the lighter side, then simply take a can of medium to light grey to make the place look spotless.

Just try to imagine your new wall and a piece of gold or silver vase or coffee table. If it's not giving you instant home goals, you need to take a closer look.


The power of green velvet sofa

instagram models and influencers are giving us interior goals

Interior trends come and go, but velvet will forever be one of the most elegant fabrics, whether you live in a minimalistic home or have your bohemian paradise.

Emerald green velvet sofa is that one piece that will make your living room look like million bucks. And combined with darker walls, your space will be the envy of all your friends, online and offline.

Luxurious and sophisticated, a sofa in emerald will match with your plants and give a sense of calm to your room. It's a little black dress of interior design.

Now that you know what's the secret behind perfect posts check out your Instagram feed. You'll be surprised because it's such a small detail, yet it makes every livingroom look ten times better.

Jewel tones are always bringing pure positivity and good energy, and that's nothing new. You can place them in a color block scheme or your black and white world. The results will always be breathtaking.


Get the sofa without spending too much

instagram models and influencers are giving us interior goals

We don't want a bulky greenish velvet sofa. Small, wooden legs are perfect because it makes your room look more spacious.

Ideally, we would all have unique and handmade furniture pieces, but you can check out Amazon and online stores with used furniture until that day comes.

If you can't afford a couch or love the one you have, you can add a velvet chair instead. The prices go from 200 USD for new ones, and since most of us aren't going on annual holidays, nor do we have to buy as many clothes as we used to, it seems like a good time to invest in your home.

No one can tell us when this COVID 19 situation is going to end, so making your living space as cozy as possible is therapeutic. So what if you found inspiration via Instagram models or Instagram influencers?


Investing in your home, and doing some manual work will make the outside world quieter even for a few hours.

Other interior design DIY projects

instagram models and influencers are giving us interior goals

Once you start, it's not easy to quit turning your home into your oasis.

You can use your imagination, but when you're already online, use it to make your life prettier.

There's a lot you can learn about trendy design ideas, by simply checking out posts by Instagram famous people.

From creating a green sanctuary to playing with mirrors to create more light, the possibilities are endless.

It's 2020, and we're over the perfect selfies because life's far from perfect. Do things that make you feel joy, and start by turning your living room into a fresh, relaxing, and ultra-cool place to hang out.