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Instagram Model Disguised As 'Catwoman' Jailed After Being Getaway Driver For Teenage Boys

Instagram Model Disguised As ‘catwoman’ Jailed After Being Getaway Driver For Teenage Boys

After a streak of robberies, an Australian woman has been put in jail for disguising herself as Catwoman and acting as a getaway driver for a group of criminally-inclined teenage boys.

The woman is also an Instagram model, and she helped rob McDonald's and an Italian pizza restaurant among other establishments.

It turns out that the 25-year-old, known as Monique Agostino, persuaded a group of teenagers to do these crimes in Sydney, Australia. She would serve as the gang's getaway driver.

While she was adorned in a Catwoman costume, the boys wore black masks. Among their crimes were an attempt to break into a fruit shop and a café.


She also tried to buy McDonald's products worth $11.55 with a stolen credit card.

A Wasted Life

Formerly, she was a model, real estate agent, and social media influencer. During the sentencing, she was told by the judge that her life was "going down the toilet."

Painfully, that's absolutely true.

After the court hearing, the woman ended up with a 12-month sentence and a six month non-parole period.


The Catwoman was linked to the crimes after she was arrested for being in possession of a knife, meth, and diazepam in a Target store. Monique also got convicted for stealing a jacket worth $90 from Supre.

instagram model disguised as 'catwoman' jailed after being getaway driver for teenage boys

The model has already deleted her Instagram account.

It's not clear why someone with such a respectable following would go down this road. Why would she resort to committing crimes with teenage boys?


Maybe that is what makes her unique as an Instagram model, but in a messed up kind of way.

She Had A Lot Of Potential

Based on her Instagram photos, Monique looks like the sort of model who should be going around the world showcasing her unique beauty and style while mingling with who's who in the world. Unfortunately, she has instead decided to go on a rampage committing petty robberies in Sydney.

instagram model disguised as 'catwoman' jailed after being getaway driver for teenage boys

That is probably why the judge's words were such an accurate description of how her life has turned out.


Nowadays, we have OnlyFans, and although the platform might not meet the moral standards of some models, it is definitely orders of magnitude better than doing petty theft for a living.

A beautiful woman with a lot of fans can easily cash in on the admiration of her fans without doing any crimes. Too bad Monique couldn't see these possibilities.

She is literally throwing her life away by breaking into restaurants. In any case, she could have aimed a little higher and shown a bit of ambition even if she wasn't willing to stay within the confines of the law.

She would have surely gotten a bigger sentence for getting caught, but at least most people would understand her motivation. Robbing eateries when you have such great potential shows an incredible lack of initiative on her part.

Similarly, being on the wrong side of the law is always a bad idea if you want peace and freedom in this life. There are tons of ways to make a living without turning into a fugitive.