Inspiring Traits Of People Who Possess True Integrity

Inspiring Traits Of People Who Possess True Integrity

In a world where almost everyone seems to be evil and corrupt, it may seem hopeless trying to find someone with an admirable virtue such as integrity. Honesty, bravery, and confidence are just some of the words used to describe this powerful characteristic. Are you a person with it? Here are some characteristics of a person with integrity to help you decide:

1. They believe in people

A person with integrity believes that there's some good in all people, no matter how everyone else sees them. They focus on a person's strengths and not weaknesses.

2. They openly display their humanity

No one is perfect, and who better to demonstrate this than a person with integrity? They practice what they preach and never hide behind a mask, as most people do. If they're easily angered or cry a lot, they let you see it without fear.

3. They respect others

By this, I don't mean friends and relatives, but everyone. People with integrity have one basic principle: I'll treat you as I'd want you to treat me. They also respect other people's boundaries and never cross them.

4. They are humble

It's easy for pride to show up when one is confident and seemingly perfect. Well, not for people with integrity. They understand that humility is the characteristic that takes a person higher. It opens new doors and earns a person true friends.

5. They never fight

Whether physically or with insults, people with integrity don't fight at all. They have mastered the art of controlling their temper. If they disagree with others, they prefer to settle the matter by talking about it. To them, anger leads to destruction and can cause a person to say or do things they'll later regret.

6. They are always polite

People with integrity are rich in two characteristics; love and kindness. They impact people's lives with acts of kindness. They believe that this rare characteristic can soften hearts and promote peace and harmony in the world.

7. They're trusting

These unique individuals never doubt you until you give them a reason to. They're quick to accept all that you say, but if you betray their trust or go back on your word, they do not trust you again. They might even avoid you if need be.

8. They don't shy away from apologizing

People with integrity never think twice about apologizing when they're in the wrong. They know they're prone to making mistakes and are always quick to ask for that opportunity to make things right.

9. They don't take advantage of others

If they offer their friendship to others, it's out of a pure heart. They don't betray anyone's trust for their own benefit. All their relationships are based on honesty and sincerity.

10. They offer credit to those who deserve it

People with integrity are totally against stealing another person's spotlight. No matter how small it may be, they prefer to direct the praise to those who rightfully deserve it.

11. Their intuition is incredible

They easily empathize with others and go out of their way to make you happy if you're sad. They can easily sense your emotions at all times.

12. They are honest

People with integrity find it easier, to tell the truth. They know that the truth always comes out, no matter how safely it may be hidden.