11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

Interstellar quotes are plenty, and they suit every taste. They speak of humanity's need for achievements, exploration, survival, but also love and family.

But have you ever noticed that quoting is all around us? Did you ever wonder how it first started?

It is difficult to say how the first quote came to be. It is also uncertain if the way people quote today is much different from how it was done before. There is a historical background to quotes that is still vague. The reason for this is the lack of a paper trail.

In the past, people didn't immediately start writing everything down. Contemporary quoting as such is very likely much different than the citing throughout history.

However, it is not uncommon for people to quote the things that they find inspiring. The inspiration may come in different shapes and forms. Your favorite quote might be from a book, or a TV show, or an excellent movie. Well, if you are looking for a medium that would inspire you, look no further than Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

There are plenty of Interstellar quotes that you can apply to various situations in your daily life. If you desire a bit of motivation, this movie would be great for you.

The movie Interstellar portrays astronauts traveling to the other end of the galaxy to find a new home for humanity. The Earth is despoiled home-world, frantically busy and loud.

While the camera rarely tells the story in Nolan's movies, it often illustrates the screenplay. This is something specific for all of his films. Whether you like the topic of space exploration or not, Interstellar is still an impressive movie. At times it can be astonishing to the point of being overwhelming.

With our time on Earth coming to an end, a team of explorers is sent to the most crucial mission in human history - traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether humanity has a future among the stars. It sounds exciting, doesn't it? It doesn't come as a surprise that something with a premise as heroic as this would lead to so many inspirational quotes.

The leading role of Cooper is portrayed by Matthew McConaughey. He is an intense actor who wholeheartedly commits to every line and the moment he's given. As such, he was the right leading man for this kind of film. The man he is portraying – Cooper - proudly identifies himself as an engineer as well as an astronaut and farmer.

However, he has the soul of a poet. When he stares at intergalactic vistas, this is where the greatest Interstellar quotes are spoken.

I'm Not Afraid Of Death, I'm An Old Physicist, I'm Afraid Of Time - Prof. Brand

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

Every story that is told is, in some way, preoccupied with death and its avoidance. Interstellar is a story more interested in these issues than most. This powerful quote is just one among many Interstellar quotes from the old professor that show that this is a film about humanity's relationship with death.

We Have Attachments. But Even Without A Family, I Can Promise You That, That Yearning To Be With Other People Is Powerful. That Emotion Is The Foundation, Of What Makes Us Human - Dr. Mann

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

Beyond the beauty of the film, director Christopher Nolan has created a cinematic masterpiece. Interstellar quotes explored the emotional, existential theme of the future of humanity and how it affects every person. Then it is no wonder that a man would reflect on his time in the world in these moments.

Interstellar quotes often involve quotes on family and close relationships.

We Used To Look Up At The Sky And Wonder At Our Place In The Stars, Now We Just Look Down And Worry About Our Place In The Dirt - Cooper

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

A memorable quote from our favorite character as Cooper has had a lot of time to reflect on his existence and humanity.

He speaks about the potential of society, and they're striving to do more. As with everything in life, it is essential not to get stuck in a rut and look down. We should always aim higher.

Six Billion People, Just Imagine That. And Every Last One Of Them Trying To Have It All. This World Is Not So Bad. You Are The One Who Does Not Belong. Born Forty Years Too Early...my Daughter Knew It, God Bless Her. And Your Kids Know It – Donald

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

Although exciting, the possibility that one day we may visit this world seems unlikely, but Interstellar quotes still can make us dream.

It is in the nature of humans to strive toward achievement. If they put their heads together, humans are capable of greatness.

Don't Trust The Right Thing Done For The Wrong Reason. The Why Of The Thing, That's The Foundation - Donald

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

A quote by Cooper's father-in-law, Donald, provides a counterbalance to Cooper's worldview.

Donald has a realistic approach to life that keeps him grounded. Sometimes a bit of grounding is not all that bad.

Our Survival Instinct Is Our Single Greatest Source Of Inspiration – Dr. Mann

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

This Interstellar quote comes from Dr. Mann as he explains to Cooper why robots weren't sent on the movie's colonization missions. He explains that their lack of a fear of death prevents them from performing well in situations that require improvisation.

That is what will always keep the humans above them. The struggle is what breeds greatness.

We Must Reach Far Beyond Our Own Lifespans – Dr. Brand

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

The conversations between Dr. Brand and Cooper always breed the most interesting Interstellar quotes. They are two great minds that have conflicting ideas, and they know how to express themselves.

The conversations between them are witty and profound and, as such, are sure to inspire you.

Murphy's Law Doesn't Mean That Something Bad Will Happen. It Means That Whatever Can Happen Will Happen - Cooper

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

Perhaps an oddity in Interstellar was that Cooper's daughter was called Murphy. That is typically a surname. She was named after Murphy's law, the philosophical idea that if something can happen, it will happen.

Murph wasn't named after something terrible, but rather after something completely neutral.

The Earth Looks Amazing From Here — Cooper

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

One of the Interstellar quotes that sums up a large part of the movie is spoken when Cooper is transmitting the first message to his family from space.

This is where the movie's true heart is: in that drive for exploration that resides in all of us. Wouldn't you like to be able to see what Earth looks like from space?

Love Is The One Thing We Are Capable Of Perceiving That Transcends Dimensions Of Time And Space – Amelia Brand

11 Inspiring Interstellar Quotes That Will Motivate You

While this line could come off as corny, it still complimented the movie so well. It was delivered excellently by Anne Hathaway in her role. The entire conversation between Cooper and Brand is exciting and inspiring. It is a conversation between two scientific minds trying to understand the non-scientific concept of love.