Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

Brace yourselves. The Annabelle Doll might leave her glass case and come sit with you. Excited much?

Horror movies and dolls don't rank high on everybody's list of favorite things in the world.

Moreover, you could only imagine what's the score with horror movies about dolls. Creepy dolls that awaken the goosebumps on your skin. Yikes!

Fear of dolls is real, peeps. It's called pediophobia, and horror movies sometimes can be a trigger.

But first things first. Let's keep this discussion on-topic by revealing the chilling story of one of the most famous dolls in the world. This story might also be very thrilling to all those horror junkies out there.

Our Annabelle Doll, As We Know Her From All Horror Movies

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

Thanks to many horror movies, we all had the chance to meet the one and only Annabelle doll.

Neatly placed in her glass case, the mystic redhead doll named Annabell waits for you. And all of this with a constant slight smile that looks creepy and unnatural on her face.

And when the movie comes to the post-credits scene, one question surely makes chaos in your head: is the Anabbele doll real?

Was this somebody's real life? Or, it was just a product of someone's lush fantasy, huh?

Lucky for you, the answers to every single question you have might be here.

Annabelle, Chucky, And More Creepy Dolls

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

It's important to mention that Annabelle is not the only doll that has been used in spooky films and TV shows. The possessed doll trope is a common thing in horror movies.

You don't need to be a horror movie fan, nor a fan of dolls, demons, ouija boards, and other eerie details that give you the chills from the moment you notice them on the big screen.

But dolls are something different.

There are many horror movies, and it would be impossible to list them all. Still, let's give some kudos to some hell of sinister dolls.

The dolls in Dolls movie from 1986 - although it's a bit outdated and cliche, this movie could still give you the chills.

Also, that utterly dreadful, evil doll from Finders Keepers (2014). The fact that it is a TV movie says everything you need to know about the movie itself.

Nevertheless, our star of the night beside Annabelle would be Chucky.

The Chucky doll plays the main role in several movies. But the cult trilogy that made this evil doll famous was the Child's Play trilogy. There were also a couple of standalone movies that depicted Chucky's character on different levels.

Moreover, there was an announcement for a Chucky TV series, and it should premiere in October 2021. Let's hope it will be a good one!

The True Story Of The Real Annabelle Doll

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

The Annabelle doll we're talking about was real. It is real. This doll still exists. And it's placed in The Warren's Occult Museum in Connecticut, which is now unfortunately closed.

However, some things about the Annabelle doll were slightly modified in the movies.

For example, the real Annabelle Doll was a Raggedy Ann doll, not the vintage porcelain doll we saw in the movies. The real Annabelle was cute.

Even the "creepy smile" they tried to picture in the movies was childish and adorable.

Of course, all of us had doubts sometimes and asked ourselves whether this doll was real or what's Annabelle's true story.

Are Photos Of Annabelle Doll Are Real?

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

Believe it or not, everything that revolves around the Annabelle doll was real. Very, very real.

One of the earliest stories that lead to Annabelle is from the 1970s, when Dona, the doll owner, noticed something unusual about her favorite doll.

The Raggedy Ann doll was a gift from her mother, and she found out that her mother had bought it from an old secondhand shop in their town.

It was all good, and the doll was just an ordinary doll, until one day, Donna's roommate Angie noticed that Donna's doll moves around the apartment. All by herself.

Spooky much?

Don't get this wrong, the doll didn't walk through the apartment on its legs, and the movements, in the beginning, were slender. However, it was horrifying to be aware that something that isn't alive moves by itself.

Not Missing A Detail From Annabelle Doll's Story

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror
inside the real Annabelle doll's true story of terror

The girls had a friend Lou that often came to their apartment. He hated that doll so much that he couldn't stand being in the same room as her, and he always mentioned that there was something evil inside this utterly ugly doll.

Then suddenly, the party had started. They began to find small pieces of paper with short messages. For example, "Help us" or "Help Lou."

One day, the girls returned home to find Annabelle chilling on a chair with blood-dripping hands. It seemed like the doll was full of blood inside her, and they were frightened.

It's not something you see every day for sure, so they decided to call the medium and figure out what's happening there.

Who Is Annabelle Higgins?

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

Funny things could happen when you engage with professionals who know their work.

Shortly after the medium spent some alone time with our good old Annabelle, everything started making sense.

They discovered something shocking. The doll was possessed by a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins. This young child died in a field many years ago.

The medium claimed that the girl's spirit told them that she found Donna and Angie reliable, so she chose them because she could trust them in the first place.

And so the doll continued her stay in Donna and Angie's apartment, rent-free.

Where The Conjuring Meets Annabelle Comes Home

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

The Annabelle doll inspired Warner Bros to invent one of the most popular horror franchises about demons and possessed dolls.

With some fictional details to spice it up, the story about Annabelle became an instant hit.

And since the franchise gets a new movie every second or third year, they placed all movies in a world named The Conjuring Universe.

The last movie that was released in mid-2021, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, is about the popular iconic couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, investigating another demonic possession.

Maybe it won't be your next favorite horror movie, but give it a go and see for yourself how the amazing duo faces the demonic challenges once again.

Did The Real Annabelle Doll Escape?

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror
inside the real Annabelle doll's true story of terror

You might start wondering how the Annabelle doll found her way to The Warren's Occult Museum.

What happened with Annabelle? Did she escape? Did the girls got rid of her?

Lue, the girls' friend who wasn't a fan of the doll, had quite a blast. He started having lucid dreams about Anabelle, where she was always attacking him.

In some other dreams, she was even choking him to death.

One day, when the happy three friends were preparing for a road trip, Lou ended up with claw marks on his back while Anabelle was in the same room with him.

It was time to see whether the little girl stories were true or not.

So, eager to find out the exact truth, shuffling through their contacts, they ended up meeting the iconic duo - Ed and Lorraine Warren.

More True Facts About The Story Of Annabelle Doll

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

In the end, their suspicions were all true - a demon was hiding inside the Annabelle doll.

The priest they called performed an exorcism. It was all he could do to save the young people.

Then, the Warrens took the doll, intending to lock her up.

Ed and Lorraine had quite the adventure on their way home. Their car got stuck, then it didn't want to start, and so on, the saga with Annabelle continued.

They had to moisten Annabelle with some holly water to calm the demon inside her, which helped them a lot.

All in all, it seemed like the doll didn't have an intention to give up. It wasn't easy to tame her.

The Annabelle Doll Today

Inside The Real Annabelle Doll's True Story Of Terror

This doll remained locked up until the present day.

It is placed in the basement of the Warrens, neatly placed in a blessed wooden case with a glass door. There is the Holy Cross on the top of the case and a small warning sign that says not to open it.

In one of her last interviews, Lorraine Warren said that it was wiser and safer not to destroy the Annabelle doll, so the demon could not pick another innocent soul as his target.

Closed in her case, the pretty gal Annabelle is silently watching what happens around her. And besides judging every move people make around her, she probably thinks that she should have been smarter than that, but it's okay.

As long as she's locked up, we're all good.