Inside The Narcissist's Wicked Mind And Their Make-Believe World Of Illusions

Inside The Narcissist’s Wicked Mind And Their Make-believe World Of Illusions

You know them. You probably spend most of your time with them. Narcissists are everywhere. They could be our friends, colleagues, partners, or even family. Pretty much everyone has met one of them at some point in life.

Google defines a narcissist as a person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

Sadly, many people have had their lives made miserable by narcissists without even knowing it. The mind of a narcissist is twisted and contorted. They have a good side that lures you into their world with the promise of a haven. No one can be blamed for falling into the trap. The narcissist's trap is cunningly designed to draw you into their lives.


Initially, they will be the best thing to ever happen in your life. They will lift you when you are down. They will defend and support you. You will believe that they are heaven-sent. Even so, if you look carefully from the beginning, you can see their twisted minds. They only support you in an effort to warm you up to them. When you open yourself to them, their wicked minds take control.

As soon as they mean the world to you, they become these unprecedented monsters. A narcissist will not let you be better in any way. Yes, they may lift you, but you are not supposed to rise past them. They have to be the boss in every way, but you let them because they were there for you, or so you think.


You will quickly know one is narcissistic by their inflated need for attention. In their minds, they believe that you owe them the attention. They were there when you needed them to be, and now you owe them. Unfortunately, you can never fully pay back this perceived debt.

Things can get quite harsh when they start blaming you for everything. They believe they are perfect and blame everything on others. If you are close to a narcissist, they will blame you for anything that goes wrong in the relationship. They want to be in control but cannot take the blame when things go bad.


They become toxic and can destroy you emotionally. They cannot understand anyone but themselves. They only care about themselves. You are just a character in their playbook, and when you do not conform to a narcissist's ways, you take the blame.

The moment you walk out of their lives, they lose it, and their true character is revealed. They know they are different, but that very thought scares the hell out of them. They will always try to make you feel like the black sheep instead of them. In fact, you will appear to be the crazy one to the outside world since the narcissist is usually well regarded by society.


You should never let a narcissist take control of your life. If things get out of hand, it is best to have the narcissist undergo therapy. Regrettably, there is no cure for narcissism. All in all, you should be there for a narcissist but never let them manipulate your life.