Inside Dulce Base, Alleged Alien Playground

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery

Dulce base plant is a genetic laboratory. It is connected to Los Alamos, using the so-called tube shuttle.

Speculations about a mysterious place began to rise as the number of incoming reports grew. They all came from an area where something significant and terrifying was happening. This strange place was near the small town of Dulce, New Mexico.

Researchers of conspiracies, secret societies, ancient civilizations, abductions, and missing persons began to take over this small desert town. The unusual occurrences in a single place have aroused more and more interest over time.

Caught In Action

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery: A Battle For Planet Earth

This plausible story follows the Dulce Base and its mysteries, as told by numerous ufologists.

Centuries ago, people from the Earth (some say the Illuminati) made a pact with aliens hiding deep underground. In 1933, the U.S. government agreed to exchange humans and animals for alien technology. Part of the agreement allowed them to use underground bases in the western United States.

The U.S. government formed a particular group to negotiate with aliens. In 1940, the Alien Life Forms (ALFs) began to slowly transfer and spread their operations and movements to the United States. Until then, they had been mainly concentrated in Central and South America.

The expansion to the United States was crucial for aliens, one of the reasons being the rocks that contain magnetic properties. The U.S. area suits them due to the high concentration of natural energy sources (lightning, hurricanes…), the multitude of groundwater and extensive cave systems, areas of atmospheric ions, etc.

Whose Planet Is This?

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery

The specific type of aliens that inhabited Earth calls themselves native. They are an ancient species, descendants of humanoid reptiles. They are formed by merging with the somewhat more primitive race of Uni-Terrestrials. Namely, they represent a distrustful species that manipulates mercenary agents from another alien culture, the so-called Draco.

These alien species established the Dulce Base as a joint base with the U.S. government. It is not the only one built in collaboration with humans. Other headquarters are located in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, etc.

Making The Dulce Base

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery

In the early summer of 1947, military troops began arriving in the Dulce base area. Locals recall that the army built a road through which trucks passed daily, carrying various equipment. They wore the Smith Corp logo from Pagosa Springs, Colorado.


Such a company does not exist today, and there is no information about it. It is speculated that their presence in the area and the alleged work on the procurement of logs for the wood industry was a cover for building Dulce base. Not a single log was transported. Later, that road was blocked and destroyed.

Rand And The Military-Industrial Complex

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery

Rand Corp, as mentioned above, was involved in preparing a geological study on the suitability and composition of the soil for possible use in the construction of the Dulce base. Most of the lakes near Dulce base were artificially created at the request of the U.S. government. As a cover-up, they used the story they were constructed to help indigenous people who live there.

Another accommodation for aliens is the fact that there is the largest natural energy generator, the Navajo dam, and the El Vado spring. This is one of the underground entrances to the Dulce base.

If Rand is the mother of the "mind tank," then the Ford Foundation must be considered the father. Rand's secrecy doesn't just apply to their reports but is noticeable at conferences and meetings of the company. On page #645 of the Rand project, which deals with the construction of underground complexes, it writes:

"Planes, ships, and cars have given man the opportunity to travel on the surface of the Earth, while tunnels and drilling machines will open the door to the underworld. "

Inside Dulce Base

The Dulce Base Nlo Mystery: A Battle For Planet Earth

Dulce base consists of a central part, security, and several photo laboratories. The deeper you go into the complex itself, the greater the security measures.

This complex consists of several underground levels (floors). The entire complex is secured with over 3,000 cameras, especially laboratories, entrances, and exits from the base.

There are over a hundred secret exits/entrances to the Dulce base. Many of them are located around the site of Archuleta Mesa. Others are south of Lake Dulce, while some are far to the south, such as in Lindrith.

Public And Secret Research Within Dulce Base

The Dulce Base Nlo Mystery: A Battle For Planet Earth

Part of the experiments in Dulce base is the human genome decipherment project. This project is legally conducted at the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory (New Mexico), major genetic research centers. However, the actual experiments start at Dulce base.

The human genome contains genetically encoded instructions that explain how one cell transforms into a biological being. "The human genome decoding project will certainly have the greatest direct impact on the human species to date than any scientific initiative to date," said David Shirley, director of the Berkley Laboratory.


In secret, this research project has allegedly been carried out at Dulce base for a long time. Dulce base has genetic research laboratories at level #6 (privately called "Nightmare Hall"). Report of one of the former workers (CR-24 / ZM,52-Dossier VII) who saw bizarre experiments says the following:

"I saw people with two or more pairs of legs, beings whose body part was human and others like octopuses. I have also seen reptile people and furry creatures with human hands crying like babies, imitating human words, as well as a large number of lizard-like people kept in cages…."

There are also rumors about other creatures created in the Dulce base. Strange fish, whales, birds, and mice are difficult to compare with those we know. Several cages are filled with winged humanoids, grotesque creatures resembling bats three to seven feet tall.

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery

Base # 7 level is the worst. There are hundreds, even thousands of tanks in which human or humanoid beings are located at different stages of development.

"Also, I often saw people in cages, mostly confused or drugged, sometimes crying and begging for help. We were told that these were hopeless psychiatric cases and that high-risk drugs were being tested for their possible recovery. We were told not to talk to any of them, and of course, we listened and believed in the story. "

War Between Humans And Aliens

Inside Dulce Base, Alleged Alien Playground

Currently, there are over 18,000 aliens at Dulce Base.

In late 1979, there was an armed conflict within the Dulce base. Many scientists, as well as military personnel, were killed. The base was closed for a while but is active again.

During the conflict at the base, 82 people were killed, including scientists, the National Recon Group members, and members from the Delta group. The latter was in charge of the security of all projects carried out in collaboration with aliens. There were also hundreds of wounded employees at the base and one hundred and 32 dead aliens.

According to people abducted and people in the base, as the number of base inhabitants grows, the base constantly expands. Dulce Base is the most famous place where alien activities take place, although 26 bases in the U.S. have similar facilities.

Security Measures At Dulce Base

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery

Security personnel wears coveralls (similar to pilots), with a base symbol in the upper left corner. Their standard weapon is the so-called "flashgun," effective against humans and aliens. They use retinal readers for identification, compared to the former identification cards, now used to open doors and elevators.

After reaching the second level of Dulce base, each is weighed naked, then given a uniform. Visitors get white overalls. In front of all sensitive parts of the base, some retinal readers and scales are located under the front door, next to the control for their opening. Movements are checked, then identity and weight. Any weight change triggers the alarm system.


No one can enter or exit anything from sensitive areas without special permission. Everything necessary is delivered through security transport systems. The alien language symbols of the Grays and Nordics are found in many places within the base.

During the construction of the Dulce base, carried out in several phases over the years, the aliens helped in the design and selection of construction materials. Many of the parts assembled by the workers were made with the technology they did not understand. It is clear that all the features, when built, function as a whole. For example, elevators do not have any cables and are controlled by magnetic means.

A magnet system is located inside the walls. There are no conventional electrical controls. Everything is managed by advanced magnetometry. This also applies to the magnetically induced lighting system. There are no ordinary lighting devices, and all the outputs are magnetically controlled.

Experiments Related To Manipulation Of Consciousness

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery: A Battle For Planet Earth

Within Dulce Base, secret devices are being researched, i.e., implants to control consciousness (mind) in people who can control mood, alertness, heart rate, etc.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) uses these devices to manipulate people. Similar projects were carried out in the Sandia Base by the so-called Jason Group, which numbered 55 scientists from 38 different scientific fields. They secretly used the Dark Side of technology and hid its advantages and usefulness from the public.

At Level #4 of Dulce Base, the research included humans/aliens, Aura research, and various aspects of dreams, hypnosis, telepathy, etc. They know how to manipulate people's bioplasmic bodies. They can slow down the heart, using Delta wave frequencies, cause static shock, and reprogram a person via a computer-brain connection. They can bring data and programmed reactions into our brains.

Humans are entering the era of psychological technologies, representing the development of technology to improve communication between man and machine.

Some of the technologies which are tested are:





Electronic Memory Erase, (EDOM)

Radio-Hypnosis and Intra-Cerebral Control, (RHIC)


Various forms of controlling behavior using:

-Chemical Agents

-Optical Frequencies

-Electro-Magnetic (EM) frequencies focused on the "physics" of consciousness itself.

Alien Autopsy

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery: A Battle For Planet Earth

The U.S. government has performed autopsies on the corpses of aliens (Gray's Anatomy and Physiology). The most important alien specimens available to complete the autopsy were the "gray types."

The average height of most samples is about 100-140 cm. Their head is proportionally larger by our standards than their body. As far as facial features are concerned, their eyes can be described as large, inflamed with a slightly greater distance from each other than is the case with humans. They are also somewhat slanted. Ear shells or any openings on the side of the head are not visible.

Their nose has undefined lines. One to two holes are designated as nostrils. The mouth can be described as a single slit or crack. In a few cases, there is no mouth at all. They do not seem to have any function as a means of speech or alimony. Their necks are long and narrow, and in some cases, it is not visible due to some slim garment. Most observers claim that these humanoids do not have a single hair on their bodies.

They do not have any breathing or communication devices. This suggests that they communicate with each other with the help of telepathy. They are creatures of a higher level of development. In one case, an opening was found on the right frontal lobe, through which scientists could see one crystalline network, which was located inside.

That network reflected the developmental form of some kind of a third brain. They also found a round object similar to a clicker, 1 cm in diameter, connected to that crystalline network. It is theorized that it is a kind of device for amplifying brain waves, which would mean that they might not have those psychic abilities without this device.

Their arms can be described as long and thin and reach the knees. They have four fingers on their fists without a thumb. Three fingers are slightly longer than the fourth. No data is available regarding their legs and feet. Some pathologists have indicated that these parts of their bodies are not as developed as expected. In some cases, their feet indicated the possibility that these creatures had adapted to life in the water.

The Dulce Base Alien Mystery: A Battle For Planet Earth

According to many eyewitnesses, their skin is gray. Some claim that it can also have pinkish-gray tones. Reproductive organs, phallus, or uterus, are not observed. This indicates that cloning propagates grays, which other sources have already suggested.

These humanoids have a relatively stenciled appearance as if made by mold, sharing the same racial and biological characteristics. They don't have blood like us, but they have some grayish liquid.

Whether you consider this information scientific facts or science fiction, the significance of reports — which come from thousand of different sources - should not be diminished - making it fascinating to think about what happens behind Dulce base closed doors.

In the end, those conspiracies that are too outlandish to be believed in are the ones that are most often closest to the truth.