Inner Beauty: 5 Traits Of Highly Alluring, Sexy People

Inner Beauty: 5 Traits Of Highly Alluring, Sexy People

Being attractive or irresistible has nothing to with your looks and everything to do with specific personality characteristics. Looking good is a bonus, but basically, it all comes down to the following five traits!

You see a supermodel hanging out with an odd-looking guy. What's your first thought? Is she a gold digger? Maybe, or perhaps she isn't as shallow as you, and she wants a quality person, not just eye-candy.

So, what can make an average Joe irresistible to a supermodel? Or how can a regular Jane pick up a young Johnny Depp lookalike? Some of these treats can be learned, while others can be improved. Either way, stop looking at the mirror all the time, and work on your inner beauty!

Sense of humor

Beauty fades, but having someone who will make you laugh, is priceless. Certain people have a sense of humor that is quirky, quick, or clever that you can't help but laugh out loud and it's sexy, no one can deny it.

While it's hard to learn to be funny, you can teach yourself not to take things seriously and allow yourself to have fun. It's not as easy as finding an angle for a perfect selfie, but it's more rewarding as well.


There's a thin line between confidence and arrogance. You can build a healthy self-confidence and be that person, the one everyone wants to hang out with, but if you try too hard, you'll end up looking like a dork.

Spend time self-reflecting, accepting your qualities, and becoming self-aware. Learn to walk straight, but remember to treat people with kindness and warmth. Keep your feet on the ground, but allow yourself to shine.


Everyone's busy talking, so being a good listener is pretty much a superpower. You have to focus on eye contact, ask additional questions, and be honest in your approach. Even the best-looking people on the planet can be uninteresting because they're too invested in themselves.

When you're listening to someone, you are showing them that you care and that you're not a self-absorbed Instagram-ready blow-up doll. It's appealing to both males and females, so it will help you gain more friends, as well as the attention of your crush.


There's nothing more human than empathy and being kind. It's not something you can fake, but it's something you develop while working on yourself.

Being kind and gentle with people doesn't mean you should allow them to walk all over you. Instead, it's a characteristic of a person who believes in giving others chances and has the emotional capacity to understand people.

Exciting personality

You don't have to jump from airplanes or wrestle with alligators. Exciting nature means that you're open-minded and enjoy new experiences.

Being exciting and passionate are traits of people who want to live life to the fullest and who are capable of enjoying the moment. No one wants to hang out with a Debbie Downer, so part of the excitement lies in positivity and the ability to seize the day.

Naturally, we want to look our best, but being a beautiful person is an actual achievement because you have to work for it. Being born pretty is just good genetics. Eat healthily, get a lot of rest, hit the gym, but put your personality first.