Weird Story

Influencers Branded 'Nasty' And 'Disgusting' After Putting Toilet Seat In Dishwasher As 'Cleaning Hack'

Personally, I'm always keen to discover new cleaning tips to keep my living space neat and tidy. However, social media influencers Janelle Flom and Kate Heintzelman, both aged 30, have repulsed not only me but also the rest of the online community with their recent recommendation concerning the toilet seat.

1. Toilets Are Extremely Dirty

Given the high concentration of germs in bathrooms, it's crucial to thoroughly clean the entire area, including the toilet and its surroundings, to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Nonetheless, Flom and Heintzelman's proposed method for cleaning the toilet seat is considered by many as excessive.

2. They Suggest Putting The Toilet Seat In The Dishwasher

On TikTok and Instagram, they posted a clip with the caption "Cleaning hack," which showed them taking the toilet seat off and putting it in the dishwasher alongside actual kitchenware. Wait, what?!

3. People Immediately Kicked Off About This In The Comments

It's not surprising that the followers who possess a rational mindset expressed their disgust immediately, labeling Flom and Heintzelman as "revolting" and "unhygienic."

"Are you kidding me??????" a commenter wrote.

"This isn't a hack. This is absolutely disgusting," a second stated.

"What in the name of NASTY is going on here?!? Another reason you don't eat at everybody's house," a third pointed out.

4. Many People Believe The Women Must Be Desperate For Views

An Instagram user speculated that the women might not have intended the "hack" seriously and were merely seeking more views.

"If looking for attention was a person!!!!" the social media user wrote.