Influencer Who Thought The Pandemic Was A Hoax Dies After Catching COVID-19

No one's gloating because Dmitriy Stuzhuk was only 33. But, he is responsible for not taking Covid-19 seriously, and that will haunt his family forever.

Ex-Wife Confirms the Death

The Ukrainian fitness influencer died due to complications from Covied-19, his ex-wife, Sofia Stuzhuk, confirmed in a post. She wrote:

Only warm memories remain three beautiful kids and valuable experience. God, it is so terrible to realize that he is not with us anymore…

influencer who thought the pandemic was a hoax dies after catching covid-19

Dmitriy was tested positive after his trip to Turkey. He was hospitalized and released eight days later.

However, there were heart complications, so he ended up back in a hospital bed.

At the time he shared:

I want to share how I got sick and to warn everyone strongly. I was one who thought that Covid does not exist...until I got sick. COVID-19 IS NOT A SHORT-LIVED DISEASE! And it is heavy.

The controversy

Dmitriy denied the existence of the novel coronavirus.

influencer who thought the pandemic was a hoax dies after catching covid-19

His posts were about food and fitness, but he would often bring up that he doesn't believe in the virus until it found him.

Politicians, celebrities, and Instagram influencers have a lot to do with the way people perceive the current pandemic.

Since it's a big responsibility, people with power should understand that their words have weight.

And sadly, Stuzhuk is just another somewhat famous person who did not listen to the scientists. When the pandemic strikes, we should turn to science.

Even after almost a year living with Covid-19 and after a million deaths, people still believe in some Instagram posts rather than an actual person in charge to keep us safer.