Influencer Who Licked Toilet Bowl Now In Hospital With Coronavirus

A social media 'influencer' claims he has tested positive for COVID-19 after sharing a video of himself licking a toilet bowl.

I haven't found more productive things to do yet. And the online realm of TikTok hasn't managed to draw my life into its mainly weird world.

And I had no idea just how bonkers TikTok is until I saw a video on the so-called 'Coronavirus Challenge.'

In this craze, the platform's 'influencers' film themselves licking nearly anything: toilets, door handles, items in supermarkets…name them!

Everyone else is busy, ensuring high levels of hygiene. But these social media influencers are keen to cast their tongues along 'very' unsanitary objects.

Coronavirus Challenge Is Not The Only Stupid Thing On The Social Media

Recently, a man filmed himself licking products on a supermarket shelf in Virginia. He was arrested on terror charges.

And it seems karma is very much doing the rounds. Another guy who filmed himself licking a toilet seat is now in hospital after testing positive for coronavirus.

In a now-deleted tweet, the 'influencer' revealed he has contracted the virus, writing:

"I tested positive for Coronavirus."

The prankster also shared a photo of himself in the hospital, facing his irrational actions' dire consequences.

As a result of his stupid acts, Twitter suspended his Twitter handle.

This shows, therefore, attracting just a few extra 'likes' on social media isn't worth potentially killing yourself over!

Other pranksters have also been following the craze licking cars handles and children's scooters.

Some 'challenges' are even racking up millions of views on TikTok.

influencer who licked toilet bowl now in hospital with coronavirus
influencer who licked toilet bowl now in hospital with coronavirus

Responding to the viral 'coronavirus challenge,' the platform has revealed it'll remove all such content from its site.

This online challenge isn't only trending on TikTok. People are also sharing similar clips on other social platforms,

And due to the viral nature of the 'coronavirus challenge,' its hashtag is racking up over 931.6 million searches.

influencer who licked toilet bowl now in hospital with coronavirus

A retired nurse, Dr. John Campbell, who has come to prominence through YouTube videos discussing the virus, has said:

"If these people (doing the challenge) are infected, they will leave a virus on the surfaces they have licked, potentially infecting others/If the infected person subsequently dies, this means this bizarre behavior could result in the death of an innocent person."

"If they are not infected, the virus may be contracted from potentially contaminated surfaces."

"This means the individual can contract the disease themselves."

"They could also spread the disease they have contracted and infect other people, some of whom may go on to die."