Influencer Cries As She Apologizes For Announcing She Owns Her House Outright At 21

Kaitlyn Bailey was taken aback by the significant negative response she received for revealing that she had become a homeowner at the young age of 21. Her video quickly gained traction and a flood of commenters expressed their dissatisfaction, citing their struggles with barely affording rent and food despite working long hours, and criticizing those who earn good money by behaving foolishly on camera and can therefore afford to buy a house.

Katylee Bailey, a renowned influencer from Yorkshire, United Kingdom, became emotional and cried publicly following criticism she received for disclosing that she owns a house at the age of 21.

Not long ago, Bailey posted a video in which she celebrated the purchase of her house at a young age.

She captioned the footage "Biggest achievement of my life. Here's to my new chapter."

While holding a champagne bottle filled with confetti, Bailey popped it and cheered in the video. Additionally, she lip-synched to a memorable speech by Kanye West at the Grammy Awards, in which he said:

"Everybody wants to know what I would do if I didn't win, I guess we'll never know."



♬ Everybody want to know - pryme

Bailey received a lot of praise from numerous social media users for her remarkable accomplishment. However, not everyone was impressed, and some individuals expressed their disappointment in the comments section, highlighting how they work long hours every day yet still struggle to afford a home.

One person wrote: "Lucky you here I am paying 2 grand in rent every month because I am not eligible for a mortgage despite working 40 hours a week."

One person wrote: "Lucky you here I am paying 2 grand in rent every month because I am not eligible for a mortgage despite working 40 hours a week."

A third user commented: "So sad the people that work the least get this, and people putting their life on the line can barely afford heating."

A fourth person added: "There's no way working on TikTok would buy a minimum of Β£100k house straight out! Mortgage free? How?!"

After posting the initial video, Bailey released a second clip in which she tearfully addressed the criticism she had received from commenters.

"I just wanted to come on here to say that I'm sorry to anyone who feels like I'm bragging about the house thing. Yes, the system is absolutely f***ed, I will never get my head around the fact that I've become so lucky."

"But believe or not, as much as some of you guys don't wanna understand this, I do actually work, and let me tell you something, social media is so mentally draining."

"I know there are many people out there who work their a***s off. I genuinely did just fall lucky with social media. And yes my family has given me an amazing life."

"But I didn't get brought up with money, so to be able to achieve such a big thing at 21 years old, I'm just so grateful."

"It's not me bragging, it's me being so proud of myself. I think if anyone else had the opportunity, they'd do it."

The video of Bailey getting emotional gained a massive viewership of 3.1 million, and numerous individuals took to the comments section to express their support for the influencer.

One user said: "You should never apologize for hitting such an achievement at such a young age and being PROUD of it!! You should be proud!!"

Another added: "Katylee, do not ever apologize! You should be proud of yourself! Shout it from the rooftops. You can't please everyone and like you say anyone else."

According to the Telegraph and Argus, Bailey initially started her TikTok page "as a bit of fun." However, she now earns approximately $1200 per video that she uploads.

Bailey quit university to focus entirely on social media as her profession as a content creator.