Influencer, 22, Dies Weeks After Telling Mum How She Wanted To Be Remembered

Influencer, 22, Dies Weeks After Telling Mum How She Wanted To Be Remembered

Paige Rice, from Marston Green, Solihull, passed away in a car crash. She was visiting her boyfriend, and the couple's Audi S3 crashed into a taxi in the Queensway tunnel in Liverpool.

Paige and her partner were rushed to the hospital. The young influencer did not survive, and her boyfriend is in a "very critical condition," while the taxi driver, in his 40s, is in a "serious but non-life-threatening" condition.

It is still unknown what happened, as the Merseyside police are conducting an investigation.

Young Life Ended Way Too Early


Paige Rice was a 22-year-old influencer and inspiring young woman who started her makeup business when she was only 15.

Paige's mum Clare wrote on her social media about her daughter's demise, describing her as "the most beautiful girl, with the biggest smile, a contagious laugh, and heart of gold."

Clare took over Paige's Instagram page to post a tribute photo of herself with her children, Paige, and 18-year-old Tyler. The saddened mother captured the image by writing they will always be the three musketeers.

Heartbroken Mom Speaks Up


Paige's mom asked all of her daughter's followers to remember that " time is so precious, and we never know when our time is up."

Claire also wrote that words could not describe how broken she felt. She encouraged others to "love each other and tell each other."

Clare expressed gratitude for the love for her "beautiful baby girl," describing Paige as having been someone who "lived life to its fullest."

She wrote:


"She had big dreams and Paige always made things happen. Her drive to succeed was inspirational."

Mom And Daughter Talked About Death

Heartbroken mother Claire talked to Paige about death just recently. She spoke to Birmingham Live, stating:


"Paige and myself had spoken recently about death and she told me that if she died to remember that she lived life to the absolute full."

"I have chronic illnesses and Paige has pushed me to stay positive and to keep going. She had massive dreams, wanted to see the world and live a full life. Paige would fill her time with being social in between working hard and looking after me."

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Paige's family during their time of need.

Soccer player Jack Grealish has donated £5,000, and so far, the page has gathered over 30k.

Our thoughts are with Paige Rice's family and loved ones.