'Individual Autonomy': Parent Seeking To Marry Adult Child Sues To Overturn NY Anti-Incest Laws

‘individual autonomy’: parent seeking to marry adult child sues to overturn ny anti-incest laws

A parent in New York would like the legal green light to marry his or her child. Now, they are suing to have New York's laws against incest changed in favor of 'individual autonomy.'

The person understands that the law they seek to have overturned is largely considered by society to be 'morally, socially, and biologically repugnant.' According to the papers filed at the Manhattan Federal Court, which were later obtained by the media.

The parent argues that two people can find a greater level of intimacy, expression, and spirituality through the enduring bond of marriage regardless of the relationship they might have with each other.

Given the reactions the parent might get due to the nature of this lawsuit, the court filing is intentionally vague.

However, it does explain that the 'proposed spouses' are both adults. It also explains that the pair consists of a biological parent and child and that they are unable to procreate together.

According to a report by the New York Post regarding the peculiar case, the parent wishes to walk down the aisle in New York City and is therefore requesting that the judge declares the laws preventing this from happening unconstitutional.

The parent wants the court to also declare the laws unenforceable.

The two consider themselves a 'parent and adult child Non-Procreationable' couple, a phrase the complainant has coined.

The document explains that this refers to parent-child couples whereby procreation is literally or virtually out of the question. The parent would like this category of people to 'aspire to the transcendent purposes of marriage and seek fulfillment in its highest meaning.'

As far as the parent is concerned, their humanity will be diminished if the court does not permit them to tie the knot.

In New York City, incest is a third-degree felony that can result in up to four years behind bars. Consequently, incestuous marriages are void and potentially subject to fines and jail time. According to Eric Wrubel, incest is never going to get cultural acceptance.

The Manhattan family and matrimonial lawyer insists that 'it's never gonna fly.'

According to Wrubel, the closest anyone can get is Woody Allen, who is accused of having married his daughter. However, it wasn't really his daughter since he had adopted the child, and she wasn't even adopted officially.

Eric claims that this still turns people's stomachs.

Nevertheless, there are those who have tried to normalize things like pedophilia and incest, which are highly frowned upon in most of society.

Daily Wire's Amanda Prestigiacomo spoke about this back in 2016. She claimed that the Leftist media was trying to strip away stigmas from damaging behaviors to the point of hitting new lows. She mentioned that Salon had 'heinously tried to normalize pedophilia' and that The Telegraph was trying to do the same thing with incest.

According to the Leftist publication, feelings of 'genetic sexual attraction' are quite normal and should therefore not get judged. Amanda argues that the Leftist's only 'moral' standard is tolerance.

In The Telegraph, Charlotte Gill takes advantage of the disturbing relationship between 51-year-old Kim West and her son to promote incest.

The woman had given her son up for adoption. However, their reunion 30 years later made her 'motherly love' turn into something more unsettling. Soon enough, the couple was apparently 'in love' and seeking to get married and get kids.

Stories such as this might be encouraging other sexually deviant people to come out and demand that society legitimizes their harmful behaviors.