Indian Restaurant Installs Sidewalk Fridge To Store Free Food For The Poor

indian restaurant installs sidewalk fridge to store free food for the poor

Whenever we hear about the amount of food going to waste, our skin crawls. That is even more true when more and more people cannot afford a proper meal.

What we do like to hear are stories of solidarity. For example, how this one restaurant in India is helping people in need.

Making A Difference For The Poor

The tea café Pappadavada decided to act and help the hungry population of the Kerala region in India. With this purpose in mind, they installed a refrigerator available all day for people in need of a meal.

The staff then asked their followers on Facebook to help with what they can. In a post, they asked people to contribute to the initiative with any available leftovers.

Raising Awareness About Food Waste

Minu Pauline, who owns the café, hopes to help the community of Kerala by offering meals for the homeless. On top of that, he wishes to educate and encourage all citizens to avoid food waste.

In the area, the fridge is now known as Nanma Maram, which means Tree of Goodness.

The restaurant aims to stock the fridge with at least 50 meal boxes daily. Moreover, with help through donations from their clients, they hope to reach an even higher number.

Acts Of Kindness Spreading Through The World

Pappadavada's fridge is not the first example of its kind. Similar gestures of solidarity are happening all over the world.

A community refrigerator is also available in the Basque town of Galdakao, Spain. There, the local population brings meals and food boxes to relieve the struggles of those in need.

Another such fridge can be found in Saudi Arabia, where a man installed it outside his home. His idea was to spare poor people from the humiliation of begging by providing freely available meals.

These are just a few examples of the extraordinary changes a bit of kindness can create. They do not always make the headlines but are making a true difference in people's lives.