Indian Couple Uses Homemade Guillotine To Decapitate Themselves

Police report that a couple used a homemade guillotine to decapitate themselves, with the intention of offering their heads as a sacrifice in India.

Yesterday, in Vinchhiya, Gujarat, India, Hemubhai Makwana (38) and his wife Hansaben (35) used a guillotine-like mechanism to sever their heads, and their remains were placed in a fire altar as part of a ritual sacrifice.

According to sub-inspector Indrajeetsinh Jadeja of the Vinchhiya Police, the couple performed the ritual between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, and prior to doing so, they left a note for their two children, as well as their parents and nearby relatives.

As per Mr. Jadeja's statement, the note implored the couple's relatives to care for their children and parents.

Authorities have sent the bodies for a post-mortem examination, and a case of accidental death has been filed.

According to the couple's family members, the duo had been conducting daily prayers at their home since last year.

Last October, two women were kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded as part of a suspected black magic human sacrifice ritual. This incident is now followed by the recent event of the couple's ritual suicide.

Bhagaval Singh, a practitioner of traditional medicine who provided treatment to patients in his residence, his wife Laila, and Mohammed Shafi, who is believed to be involved in occult practices, were arrested in Kerala, India, after the bodies of Padmam (57) and Rosili (49) were found.

The victims had reportedly undergone severe torture, and the accused individuals are suspected of enticing them to their residence with the promise of monetary compensation.

Reportedly, Shafi had befriended the couple via social media using a fake profile and had subsequently urged them to perform the sacrificial act.

Certain regions of India still practice black magic, with the belief that it can enhance fertility, bring prosperity, influence weather patterns, and cure illnesses.