Do you have any idea how much damage the human body can take?

To put things into perspective, consider the case of the 21-year-old Sanjay Bahe, who got into a construction site accident that has left the internet buzzing.

Sanjay was an Indian construction worker going about his business when an iron rod ran through his head.

While a construction worker getting impaled might not make the news, this case was unique in that the victim of this accident managed to get away with his life.

indian construction worker survives iron rod going through his skull

After the incident, all the construction worker needed was a 90-minute surgery to remove the rod.

Construction work is obviously not without its hazards, and Sanjay’s predicament was clear proof of that. Accidents of this sort happen all the time, and that’s just part of the job.

But this case was obviously a little different.

In fact, even the X-ray was a little shocking, as it shows how deeply the construction rod had penetrated his skull. It does not paint a picture of someone who would still be breathing.

indian construction worker survives iron rod going through his skull

This X-ray image was essential in helping the doctors understand how to operate on the patient.

But how exactly did the accident happen?

News reports claim that the man was doing construction work, and then he accidentally fell into a well. The next moment, he had an iron rod in his head, and he was rushed to the hospital.

Most people would expect this scenario to result in instant death, but fate had another plan for this young man. In fact, he did not suffer any serious damage to the brain.

Even the doctors were baffled.

The rod had gotten through the right temporal region and left through the left frontal region, and yet, it did not cause any serious damage.

While the surgery had to be quite cautiously executed, taking an hour and a half to complete, it also had to be done fast to improve his chances of survival.

indian construction worker survives iron rod going through his skull

Sanjay was fighting hypotension. In fact, he had to be resuscitated.

But his brain did not suffer any irreversible damage after the surgery.

Obviously, Sanjay was incredibly lucky.

So lucky was Mr. Bahe that the rod was only a few millimeters away from a major blood channel, whose rupturing would have been lethal. This is also the reason there was little blood after the incident.

There are some complexities associated with handling this kind of surgery, Dr. Giri explained. First of all, anesthesia is difficult.

On top of that, the surgery has to be executed extremely cautiously so that the nearby structures don’t get harmed.

indian construction worker survives iron rod going through his skull

Meningitis is also a serious risk.

Fortunately for Bahe, no such complications occurred. But the doctors are still taking precautions to ensure that meningitis does not set in.

But Sanjay has to deal with a serious reality – his job requires that he puts himself at risk of such accidents on a constant basis. Although he knows this, it is a tough reality for him to accept.

Fortunately, an unbelievable amount of luck and the expertise of experienced doctors helped him survive this freak accident.