Incredible Moment The Rock Surprises A Celebrity Tour Bus

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of those celebrities you can't help but love. And he proved once again that he is worth all the praise.

As he was driving by, Johnson pulled up alongside the celebrity tour bus and asked surprised tourists a few simple questions.

Of course, people on the celebrity bus were either speechless or screaming - no one was able to keep their cool.

Saturday In The Rock's Neighborhood

In a now-viral video, you can hear The Rock approaching the bus, saying:

"Well, this is kind of funny; there's a tour bus here that always tours through my neighborhood."

Then he casually added:

"Hey, you guys know where I can find The Rock?"

Incredible Moment The Rock Surprises A Celebrity Tour Bus

The wonderful moment was captured on many videos, but what is even sweeter is that The Rock himself filmed the whole thing and posted it on his Instagram.

The Rock wished the tourists a lovely day, and as they were sending him love, he stated he loves them too.

Finally, Johnson said:

"Ah well, that was fun. It was a good way to start off my Saturday."

Now that is a wholesome celebrity!

The Whole World Fell In Love With The Rock All Over Again

Incredible Moment The Rock Surprises A Celebrity Tour Bus

As soon as the video was posted on Reddit, people expressed their joy. One comment said:

"Him driving away and enjoying the moment then figuring out the rest of his "To Do" list like every other dude is just the best."

Another Redditor stated:

"Dude. Imagine needing a feel-good moment on a Saturday morning, so you roll down your window as you pass a bus full of people, and BOOM! Instant rockstar status."

"I'm glad he uses his powers for good is all I'm sayin'."

The Rock is busy promoting Jungle Cruise but not too busy to stop and make someone's day. It just goes to show that celebrities are just like us, only with more money and all the praise.